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Information Technology

CDU EXPERT: Why eXplainable Artificial Intelligence should be used to predict Australia’s unemployment rate and more

Charles Darwin University < 1 mins read

26 MAY, 2023

Who: Charles Darwin University Computational and Artificial Intelligence Expert Associate Professor Niusha Shafiabady


  • Unemployment rate forecasters got it wrong last week when the rate in April rose to 3.7% after it was forecast to remain at 3.5%. Could AI could be the answer to better forecast future rates?
  • The role of Artificial Intelligence to do more accurate forecasts through modelling.
  • The limits in AI forecasting and its use in cybersecurity to identify potential threats, defence and nation’s safe keeping, enhancing healthcare services and saving lives, polling, improving business KPIs and saving money, making better decisions faster especially when many decision-factors are involved, better controlling of the bushfires and saving the environment by predicting potential industry hazards.  

Contact details: Call +61 8 8946 6721 or email to arrange an interview.

Quotes attributable to Associate Professor Shafiabady:

"eXplainable Artificial Intelligence can be used to predict unemployment and identify and interpret the factors which have caused it.”

“eXplainable AI is a combination of algorithms and methods that are used to answer the ‘why’ behind the decisions which are made by the Artificial Intelligence systems. We can explain the rules of how the expert system has come to a specific decision.”

“Using eXplainable AI, economists can play hypothetical scenarios on modifying the interest rates and identify and mitigating the risks and the negative effects of unemployment on the economy.”

“Through eXplainable AI, the economists can also make informed decisions on specific regions which would require more attention and create informed interventions to enhance the economy for the people of Australia.”

Contact details:

Raphaella Saroukos she/her
Marketing, Media & Communications
T: +61 8 8946 6721

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