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Expert Reveals Five Simple Hacks That Save Food and Money

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Hacks That Save Food and Money
  • New data shows that, in the last month, close to half of Australians have cut down on takeaway and eating out to save money amidst the cost of living crisis

  • What’s more, over a third of Australians have used store cards to save money on food

  • Experts reveal that bulk-cooking food could save you close to $6,000 per year while cutting down on branded foods has already saved Australians an average of $280 in the last month 


With Google search data showing a 20% increase in ‘how to save money’ queries in Australia in the last month, experts reveal top tips for reducing spend and food waste in the kitchen.


Experts at budget-friendly meal kit delivery service, EveryPlate, have revealed how much money you could save each year by implementing these money-saving food hacks into your day-to-day. By presenting survey respondents with several money-saving ‘hacks’ and asking them if they have done any of the following to save money on food in the last month, they’ve projected the annual savings you can make by making these changes.


Five Food Hacks to Save Food & Money


  1. Cut down on takeaway and eating out

Close to 50% of Australians have already reduced the amount they’ve eaten out in the last month which has saved them almost $300 on average. By opting for cooking at home and reducing your Friday takeaway, you could save over $3,000 a year. 


  1. Eat less meat

Eating more vegetarian meals can be good for the planet but, apparently, it can be good for the purse strings, too. 27% of Australians have eaten less meat in the last month and saved just over $100 a month.


  1. Bulk cook your food

Of course, EveryPlate is a big fan of planning your meals out and being prepared with a batch cooking option on the EP menu allowing you to easily buy more servings. 23% of Australians have given it a go in the last month and at a saving of over $480 a month - this hack could save you almost $6,000 a year.


  1. Grow your own vegetables

In the last month, just over 20% [21%] of Australians have become green-fingered, opting to grow their own food. They also saved $275 a month doing so! What’s better than a new hobby that saves money and has food involved?


  1. Use a meal kit delivery service

Recent price comparison data from EveryPlate has revealed that Aussies nationwide can save up to 45% by choosing its meal delivery service instead of the supermarket!





Survey of 1,033 Australia-based respondents. 



Some ‘hacks’ have smaller base sizes, these are: 

  • Bulk cooking food (49)

  • Replacing fresh foods with frozen (43)

About us:

EveryPlate is a flexible meal kit subscription service that is a part of the HelloFresh brand. EveryPlate delivers fresh, quality ingredients and simple, no-fuss recipes directly to the customer's door. The company was founded in 2018 as a lower-cost alternative for at-home meal kit services. The HelloFresh Group consists of six brands that provide customers with high-quality food and recipes for different meal occasions.

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