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New data from Jenny Craig Australia customers reveals exactly what they were thinking and why the company went bust.


Three in four Jenny Craig consumers were either actively looking or open to using a different brand, with Lite n’ Easy the most considered alternative (46%) followed by Youfoodz and My Muscle Chef. 


The main reason why customers were signed up was the convenience of pre-prepared meals and the home delivery (49%). Only 24% thought they would lose weight using Jenny Craig. Interestingly the former company's main point of difference which was what set them apart from others was their holistic meal program and face to face coaching only appealed to 11% of their customers. 25% of Australians also admitted they couldn’t afford Jenny Craig any more.


In June 2023, Lite n’ Easy commissioned a separate, independent survey to more than 1000 regular Australians and data has revealed Australians spend around $800 per month on food but end up throwing 20% of it away. 


Accredited Practising Dietitian for Lite n’ Easy Ashleigh Jones says, “Australians are throwing away almost $2,000 worth of food every year despite desperately wanting to save money.”


A survey commissioned by Lite n’ Easy highlighted that over 40% of Australians reported wanting to save more and 60% of Aussies also reported that they don’t add variety to their meals due to cost of food. 


Respondents said they spent approximately two hours a week grocery shopping, resulting in a day per month at the supermarket. 56% of respondents said they only decide their dinner on a daily basis which is also contributing to frequent visits to the supermarket. 


“This is quite scary as our survey showed families are spending so much time and money at the supermarket, but so much of it is ending up in the bin,” said Ashleigh.


“The biggest reason for food waste is that people are so busy that they run out of time to use food before it expires. Unfortunately, this means that people are wasting time, money and food, and can be left feeling confused and frustrated in the kitchen,” Ashleigh added. 


Coming into the winter months, 35% of Australians say they want to eat more comfort foods but 26% say they wish they could eat healthier. Almost 50% say it’s difficult to maintain a healthy weight over winter. 


“For many people cooking a healthy, balanced meal is the last thing they feel like after a long day at work, but there are many healthy, affordable, ready-made options to take the hard work out of mealtime.” 


“In my experience as a dietitian, planned meals are the best way to reduce food waste as you only get what you need. They are also a great way to ensure you eat the right foods in the right portions throughout the day,” added Ashleigh. 


Mother of two Sarah Hocking says since eating planned meals, she now only spends around ten quick minutes preparing meals. “I’m so time poor, and this is a game-changer for me. I have extra time to spend with my kids and my husband. We have also stopped ordering takeaway because I’m not ‘unprepared’ any longer so I’m actually saving money.” 


“I noticed pretty quickly that getting into good habits and having healthy, nutritious meals on hand is the key to ensuring we are organised when life gets too busy to cook,” she added. 



 The survey was conducted by asking over 1000 Australians across the country questions in May 2023, relating to their eating and shopping habits. 51% of respondents were female and 49% were male.





 For more info, please contact: Alicia Hall / Project PR / / 0401878496


About us:

Lite n’ Easy believes eating well is at the heart of health and wellbeing. Their dietitians and chefs create delicious, modern dishes, all nutritionally balanced and perfectly portioned to make healthy eating or weight management simple and enjoyable. Healthy meals are prepared daily using the freshest, quality ingredients. The Australian brand has been delivering nutritious meals and snacks for more than 30 years.

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