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Monash expert: Australia’s first cyber security coordinator

Monash University 2 mins read

A Monash expert is available to comment on the appointment of the nation’s first cyber security coordinator and challenges that the role should be addressing.  


Professor Monica Whitty, Head of Department of Software Systems and Cybersecurity, Faculty of Information Technology

Contact details: +61 450 501 248 or  

  • Human factors of cyber security
  • Preventing online fraud and deception
  • Detecting cyber scams 

The following can be attributed to Professor Whitty:

“The new National Cyber Security Coordinator role, taken on by Air Marshal Goldie, involves coordinating responses to significant cyber security incidents. This is a welcome appointment which signals that the government is taking cyber security as a serious risk to the nation.


“While the role will address how to respond to incidents, they would ideally also coordinate how to prevent attacks. Also, it would be important for them to prepare for future attacks, given that the technology evolves – often at a breakneck pace. In addition, the government needs to consider small businesses that cannot afford to protect themselves adequately. Moreover, given that organisations are linked as we can see from the recent HWL Ebsworth attack, considering supply chains is critical.


“An important point often lost in these conversations is the everyday citizens whose lives cyber attacks impact. Currently, so much of the work around data protection is passed onto the client for example choosing to do multi-factor authentication or not etc. Most citizens do not fully comprehend the risks to their data or what they need to do to protect themselves. When their data is stolen, organisations often leave them to fend for themselves rather than provide adequate support and care for these victims of crime. There needs to be more focus on how to address this.”


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