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NSW Needs Independent Skills Training Providers To Address Skills Shortages

Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) 2 mins read

As the New South Wales Government reviews options to address skills shortages across the state, it’s clear that independent Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) will do the heavy lifting to address those shortages.  This is evidenced by government data on student enrolments and satisfaction that should inform and drive policy-making, according to the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA), the peak body representing independent skills training, higher education, and international education providers.

“When it comes to accessing quality skills training, students are voting with their feet.  It’s clear that independent training providers are the go-to source for training that will help them into a new job or one with better pay and conditions,” said Troy Williams, ITECA Chief Executive.

Government data referenced in the ITECA State Of The Sector Report shows that independent RTOs support 80.8% of the 1,139,266 students in skills training in New South Wales.  Significantly, the state’s taxpayers can have confidence in the investment they make in students that study in a government-funded place with an independent RTO.

“A key measure of quality are course completion rates, and when it comes to students in government‑funded skills training, private training providers easily outperform their public sector counterparts,” Mr Williams said.

It is also significant to note that when it comes to student satisfaction, private RTOs across the state also achieve the best outcomes according to the government’s own data.

Students satisfied with assessment
Public TAFE: 89.1%     /     Private RTOs: 91.1%

Students satisfied with support services
Public TAFE: 80.1%     /     Private RTOs: 84.1%

Students satisfied with teaching
Public TAFE: 87.4%     /     Private RTOs: 89.1%

Students satisfied with the facilities
Public TAFE: 83.9%     /     Private RTOs: 85.1%

Students satisfied with the learning resources
Public TAFE: 82.0%     /     Private RTOs: 86.2%

Satisfied with the training overall
Public TAFE: 89.6%     /     Private RTOs: 90.6%

On another key metric, this being employment status after training, once again, the government’s own data show that private RTOs outperform public TAFE colleges.  The government data show that 81.7% of students with private RTOs were employed after training, whereas only 72.7% of these students from public TAFE colleges were employed after their training.

“When it comes to helping students get the skills they need to achieve their life and career goals, it’s clear that independent RTOs not only do the heavy lifting in terms of the number of students supported, but they also achieve the best outcomes.  This shows why independent skills training is great for students, and great for New South Wales,” Mr Williams said.

The analysis of the government data referenced above, produced by the National Centre for Vocational Education and Research, comes as the future of skills funding in New South Wales is being debated.

“We need to put students at the heart of the skills training system.  The government’s own data shows the most effective way to use taxpayer funds on skills training, the best outcomes are delivered when government backs a student’s decision to study with an independent RTO,” Mr Williams concluded.

Key Facts:

Independent RTOs support 80.8% of the 1,139,266 students in skills training across New South Wales.

When it comes to government-funded skills training, private RTOs outperform their public sector counterparts on key metrics of student satisfaction.

About us:

ITECA Introduction:  Formed in 1992, the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) is the peak body representing independent providers in the skills training, higher education, and international education sectors.

Contact details:

Troy Williams - ITECA Chief Executive
t: 1300 421 017     m: 0400 599 931


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