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SourceLess and Top Industry Leaders to Chart the Future of Digitalization

SourceLess Inc. 3 mins read

SourceLess, a leading technology company, is set to participate in the highly anticipated Financial Intelligence event, where Alexandru Nichita, the Chief Operating Officer of SourceLess, will deliver a keynote speech on the digitalization of Romania. With a vast experience in the field of cybersecurity and a deep understanding of the entire technological spectrum, SourceLess aims to revolutionize the digital landscape of Romania and beyond.

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA / ACCESSWIRE / June 19, 2023 / "Education, Technology & Innovation" reflects the company's commitment to leveraging technology to drive innovation and improve the quality of life. SourceLess positions itself as a technology company first and foremost, with a focus on innovation. At the helm of the organization is Alexandru Stratulat, the founder and architect of the entire ecosystem.

SourceLess and Industry Leaders to Chart the Future of Digitalization
SourceLess and Industry Leaders to Chart the Future of Digitalization
Alexandru Nichita, the Chief Operating Officer of SourceLess

One of the groundbreaking technologies SourceLess presents is Blockchain, but not just any blockchain. SourceLess introduces a new and unparalleled approach to Blockchain technology, emphasizing simplicity, transparency, speed, and instantaneity. The ecosystem created by SourceLess is complete and complex, offering a feeless environment where users can remain anonymous while still being accountable.

SourceLess emphasizes that blockchain should be seen as a service and a utility that takes precedence over quick financial gains. In a market flooded with speculative practices, it is crucial to differentiate between the Capital Market and the Cryptocurrency Market, with the only real difference being the presence of regulations. SourceLess recognizes the need for a healthy ecosystem built on real utility, catering to the ever-growing adoption of this emerging market.

SourceLess has already achieved remarkable milestones in its journey towards revolutionizing the digital world. Since December of last year, SourceLess has been running its patented technology in the alpha version, writing a block of information in an astonishing 8 to 10 seconds compared to the 12 seconds of a well-known blockchain version 2.0. In just two months, with the installation of only 103 SourceLess validator nodes, the same amount of information is now written in less than a second. This achievement solidifies SourceLess as the fastest blockchain in the world, redefines the term "Transactions Per Second" to "Transactions Per Millisecond," and demonstrates infinite scalability.

SourceLess's ecosystem comprises several components. From a technical perspective, it begins with a blockchain built from scratch with over 32,000 files for encryption. A new programming language called ARES facilitates interaction with this blockchain, while DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) enables almost instant data transmission. Zero Knowledge serves as the validation level, and act as unique identifiers. Together, these components enable SourceLess to offer a feeless ecosystem.

Ownership in this ecosystem is lifelong, ensuring that the rules of the game cannot be changed midway. It provides a new world, a native web3, which is poised to solve the issues prevalent in the current web2.

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Iulian Bondari
Head of Marketing

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