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FIFA Women’s World Cup: more experts available for comment

RMIT University 2 mins read


Topics: Football aerodynamics, different football designs and construction (Adidas Cafusa, Nike Maxim, Umbro Neo, and Mitre Ultimax footballs)

Dr Harun Chowdhury, Research Fellow in the School of Engineering

Dr Chowdhury is an engineering researcher who is currently undertaking a study on the aerodynamics of FIFA-approved footballs.

Topics: Sports betting, gambling, advertising, marketing sports to women

Dr Lauren Gurrieri, Associate Professor, Marketing

Dr Gurrieri's focus includes gender, consumption and the marketplace, inequalities in consumer culture, consumer activism and resistance, and consumer wellbeing and social change.


Topics: Gender and sports, women athlete contracts and employment, volunteers in sport, major sport event hosting, intersectionality issues in sport, gendered nature of sport organisations    

Professor Tracy Taylor, Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation in the College of Business and Law 

Professor Taylor is an internationally recognised sport management scholar and has broad experience in the sport and voluntary sectors. 


Topics: sport marketing, business, advertising, promotion, communication, branding, sponsorship, public relations, fan engagement 

Professor Con Stavros, Professor of Marketing and Deputy Dean (Learning & Teaching), Course Coordinator Sport Marketing  

Professor Stavros is a leading expert in the marketing of, and through, sport and is a regular media commentator in this space. 


Topics: Biometrics, facial recognition in stadiums    

Dr Arathi Arkala,  RMIT Centre for Cyber Security, Research and Innovation 

Dr Arakala is an expert in developing mathematical algorithms to protect biometric data and user privacy.    


Topics: Fan engagement with women’s sport, promotion and marketing of women's sport  

Dr Kevin Argus, Senior Lecturer, Design Thinking and Marketing  

Dr Argus’ research interests include sustainability of social, environment and economy. He has been involved in creative sport marketing projects, including with AFLW and Essendon Football Club.   

Contact details:


Dr Harun Chowdhury, 0413 063 847 or Dr Lauren Gurrieri, 0411 205 396 or
rofessor Tracy Taylor, 0409 407 728 or Professor Con Stavros, 0411 231 371 or 

Dr Arathi Arkala, 0423 245 51 or  

Dr Kevin Argus, 0419 889 465 or  

General media enquiries: RMIT External Affairs and Media, 0439 704 077 or

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