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Global climate change research centre receives $2 million funding from Government of Fiji

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An international research centre tackling climate change in the Pacific region from a uniquely business perspective has welcomed a $2 million funding commitment from the Fiji Government. 

Launched in March this year, the Pacific Action on Climate Transitions (PACT) is a partnership between the Fiji National University (FNU) and Monash University’s Monash Business School. 

PACT is focusing on the critical links between business and climate change and finding real-world solutions for communities at the front line of our changing environment. 

It will aid policy makers looking to effectively fund mitigation and adaptation measures in the Pacific region and beyond, as well as providing high-quality training and capacity building.

Fijiian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Hon. Professor Biman Prasad introduced the 2023 Budget in Parliament, which contained the funding commitment. 

"[Fiji's] very existence depends on us, all working together to solve the critical problems posed by climate change and environmental degradation." said Professor Prasad. 

"The funding allocation to PACT was to facilitate co-designed projects between academia, civil society and the Ministries that will build resilience in response to climate change, strengthen the Fijian economy and contribute to Fiji's regional leadership in addressing climate change."

FNU Acting Vice-Chancellor Professor Unaisi Nabobo-Baba welcomed the climate change research funding. 

“As the national university, we are extremely thankful to the Government of the day for their funding commitment towards PACT." said Professor Nabobo-Baba.

"This is a testament to the Government’s commitment to working towards exceptional research in the areas of climate change adaptation and mitigation - which will benefit not only numerous Fijian families and communities but the entire Pacific Region."

Head of Monash Business School Professor Simon Wilkie said: ”This generous support from the Fijian Government underlines the importance of our partnership with the people of Fiji. 

“PACT allows joint projects to take place between FNU and Monash University researchers that address the community well-being and economic resilience of citizens in the Pacific Region.

“Monash University and Monash Business School are front runners in the concept of climate change finance, a burgeoning area of research, and part of the University’s research-led Impact 2030 strategy.

“Monash University’s other initiatives in the region, such as the
World Mosquito Program and the Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments (RISE)  program have already made a real difference to the lives of communities throughout the Pacific at the frontline of climate change impacts.”

PACT Deputy Director Professor Seema Narayan
said: “Our long-term plan for PACT is to provide urgently needed policies that governments in the Pacific Island Nations can use to design effective economic and social mitigation and adaptation policies.

“We welcome the Fiji Government’s support for PACT to build the country’s capabilities against the effects of climate change in Fiji, which we consider quite groundbreaking. Until now, very little climate change policy research has focused on the role of business and industry.” 

Current PACT research projects include: 

  • How extreme weather events disrupt industry, agriculture and migration within Fijian communities; 

  • Sustainable land management practices that can help save Fiji’s forests;

  • Ways in which communities can prioritise the trade-offs they are asked to make;

  • How Fiji’s new Climate Change Act works in practice. 


Professor Seema Narayan, Deputy Director of PACT is available for interview and comment.

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