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TaxLeopard and DiDi Join Forces to Safeguard Tax Services for Rideshare Drivers

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The gig economy has experienced significant growth in recent years, with thousands of individuals turning to side hustles to supplement their income. However, many fail to realise the financial implications and tax obligations that come with these endeavours. To address this issue and support rideshare drivers in meeting their tax responsibilities, TaxLeopard, a pioneering fintech company, has partnered with DiDi, a prominent rideshare platform. This collaboration aims to provide seamless and comprehensive tax services to rideshare drivers in Australia, ensuring compliance and financial peace of mind.

ATO is Actively Targeting Driver Tax Compliance

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has intensified its efforts to collect unpaid taxes from gig economy workers, including taxi and rideshare drivers. Known as the “Sharing Economy Reporting Regime” the ATO scrutinises financial information by not only employing data-matching techniques, such as bank transactions but also receiving data directly from the rideshare provider to ensure that individuals are paying the correct amount of tax. With approximately 10,000 taxi and rideshare drivers currently being pursued for a combined debt of $40 million, it is evident that tax compliance within the gig economy is a pressing concern.

ATO Assistant Commissioner Tim Loh said ‘While there are always new and different ways to make money, the tax obligations remain the same. Don’t fall into the trap of forgetting to include all your income thinking the ATO won’t notice”

Understanding Complex Tax Obligations

Rideshare drivers, classified as self-employed individuals, bear various costs, including vehicle insurance, workers' compensation, superannuation, and income tax. Unlike most businesses exempt from registering for Goods and Services Tax (GST) for turnovers below $75,000, rideshare drivers, such as those working with Uber, are obligated to register from the first dollar earned. GST, calculated as 1/11th of each fare, further adds to the complexity of tax obligations for rideshare drivers.

The Role of TaxLeopard and DiDi: Recognising the need to simplify tax compliance for rideshare drivers, TaxLeopard and DiDi have joined forces to offer tailored tax services. TaxLeopard, a fintech company founded by Selda Kaplan and Michael Kambouridis, brings its cutting-edge technology and expertise in tax compliance for the self-employed to the partnership. The platform has integrated Yodlee with Open Banking, allowing users to link their bank accounts and seamlessly download their income and expenses into the TaxLeopard platform.

"The collaboration between TaxLeopard and DiDi represents a significant step forward in revolutionising tax services for rideshare drivers in Australia. Our advanced technology, and expert knowledge aim to simplify tax compliance, reduce financial stress, and foster financial success for rideshare drivers," said Selda Kaplan, co-founder of TaxLeopard.

"By partnering with DiDi, we're providing rideshare drivers with the tools and support they need to navigate the complex world of taxes. Our goal is to empower drivers to meet their tax obligations and achieve financial peace of mind," added Michael Kambouridis, co-founder of TaxLeopard.

Simplifying Tax Compliance: The Benefits of the TaxLeopard and DiDi Partnership for Rideshare Drivers

The partnership between TaxLeopard and DiDi offers numerous advantages for rideshare drivers. Firstly, it provides a user-friendly platform that allows drivers to manage their tax obligations efficiently. With TaxLeopard's technology, drivers can track their income, expenses, and GST liabilities in real time. This transparency enables them to make informed financial decisions and avoid unexpected tax burdens.

Secondly, the collaboration simplifies record-keeping for rideshare drivers. Accurate record-keeping is crucial for tax compliance, and TaxLeopard's platform facilitates the tracking and categorization of business-related expenses. By maintaining organised records, rideshare drivers can claim eligible deductions and ensure compliance with tax regulations.

The collaboration between TaxLeopard and DiDi represents a significant step forward in revolutionising tax services for rideshare drivers in Australia. By combining advanced technology, real-time data integration, and expert knowledge, TaxLeopard and DiDi aim to simplify tax compliance, reduce financial stress, and foster financial success for rideshare drivers. 

As the gig economy continues to grow, it is essential for individuals engaged in side hustles to understand and meet their tax obligations. With TaxLeopard and DiDi's partnership, rideshare drivers can now navigate the intricate world of taxes with ease, enabling them to focus on what they do best: growing their businesses and achieving their goals.

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About TaxLeopard: 

TaxLeopard is a pioneering fintech company that specialises in providing comprehensive tax services to self-employed individuals. Founded by Selda Kaplan and Michael Kambouridis, TaxLeopard leverages cutting-edge technology to simplify tax compliance and streamline financial management for the gig economy.

About DiDi: 

DiDi is a prominent rideshare platform that connects millions of riders and drivers worldwide. With a strong presence in Australia, DiDi offers convenient and reliable transportation services, contributing to the growth of the gig economy.


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