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Media Release: The Ultimate Renewable(TM) Unveiled: Adam Dovile Returns for Bold $1.8M 2023 Campaign

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The Ultimate Renewable™ Unveiled: Adam Dovile Returns for Bold $1.8M 2023 Campaign.

After a successful campaign in 2022, FWPA’s The Ultimate Renewable™ 2023 campaign will launch in Canberra Airport on 31st of July and will go live across Australia on 20th August. The imagery in the new television commercial and campaign challenges the current consumer perceptions of forestry, showing harvested and then replanted trees to reinforce The Ultimate Renewable™ positioning.

The new campaign will launch across free to air television, streaming video, out of home, radio, and social media, and is once again presented by popular ambassador Adam Dovile, builder and television presenter. While last year’s message focussed primarily on wood as a building material, the new campaign extends the communication from seedlings to final product and promotes the transgenerational benefits of wood. Accompanied by videos and images of forestry and children in wood-rich environments, the messaging conveys that by growing and using more certified wood we can tackle climate change for future generations.

“This is an opportunity to reshape consumer perceptions of the industry,” said Sarah Downey, Head of Marketing and Communications at Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA), “people are naturally saddened when they see images of a newly harvested forest area, but what they don’t think about is the climate-change-tackling carbon stored in the wood that’s been removed from the atmosphere by growing trees and the replanting of the trees for future generations.”

“Sustainably sourced wood is an important renewable building material, and we should be supporting and celebrating the renewable aspects of its production and use.”

The 2023 campaign is expected to achieve great results after the previous campaign resulted in one quarter (25%) of Australians recalling seeing at least one of The Ultimate Renewable™ messages.

The 2023 media buy will see the commercial run throughout top-rating programs such as The Block, Seven and Nine news and both AFL and NRL matches, including their finals series via video on demand.

To truly understand our audience and their perceptions, we launched a comprehensive research journey and have undertaken a brand-new approach to our digital strategy. The launch of a new website coincides with the launch of our 2023 campaign and is a fantastic resource to help you promote The Ultimate Renewable™ message.  To learn more about this strategy, click here.

Our goal is to facilitate meaningful connections between individuals and sustainable materials. By empowering people to make responsible choices, we aim to benefit both individuals and our planet's overall well-being.

Through captivating showcases, we aim to demonstrate the beauty, sustainability, and exceptional versatility of forest and wood products. Our intention is to inspire and motivate our audience. We are dedicated to conducting thorough research, presenting information, and fostering collaboration. Our objective is to dispel misconceptions and provide clear, concise information about choosing wood products.

We firmly believe that by shedding light on the remarkable potential of sustainably sourced wood, we empower individuals to make informed decisions that align with their values. Our commitment lies in equipping people with the knowledge and understanding necessary to make choices that have a positive impact. Together, we can contribute to a more sustainable future.

A wide range of free-to-access campaign materials will be available in The Ultimate Renewable™ Digital ToolKit, on the new website – The materials include videos, digital banners, and carefully crafted content that we encourage you to share with your own audience.


For more information about this article, please contact:

Rhiana Archie

Marketing & Communications Business Partner

Forest and Wood Products Australia Ltd

0452 194 146



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