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Armed Koalas take on Save the Koala Day

Australian Koala Foundation 2 mins read
Reg Mombassa Artwork | Australian Koala Foundation

In a celebration of Save the Koala Day (29 September), the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is delighted to announce the launch of an exclusive collection, featuring artwork of acclaimed Mambo artist, Reg Mombassa. The collection serves as a beacon of hope and unity, dedicated to the preservation of our treasured koalas.

Save the Koala Day serves as an annual reminder of the urgent need to protect our beloved koalas and their fragile habitats. In a significant move, the AKF has acquired satirical artwork from Reg Mombassa’s latest collection, "Creatures: Losing the War on Nature," choosing to highlight it as a symbol of resilience and determination on Save the Koala Day.

The acquired artwork, which portrays a koala in army attire, satirically highlights koalas' challenges in their changing environment. Koalas have been personified as characters who, like humans, are confronted with adversity. It prompts reflection on the plight of these iconic creatures and the parallels between their struggles and those of humanity in the face of environmental change.

Reg Mombassa, renowned Mambo artist and musician, told Sydney Morning Herald that the exhibitions themes reflect the demise of the koala.

“I’ve been drawing a lot of koalas because they are an endangered species and one of Australia’s most iconic animals. I had this idea that if koalas were a race of humans and they were having their habitat destroyed by another race they would be fighting back.” Mombassa said.

Deborah Tabart OAM, Chair of the Australian Koala Foundation, praised Mombassa’s work.

“Reg’s drawings are nothing short of genius. His cynicism, combined with incredible humour, effectively sheds light on the koalas’ plight.” Tabart said.

On this Save the Koala Day, the Australian Koala Foundation calls on Australians to wear these exclusive items proudly and join the Koala Army – a united force dedicated to protecting and preserving koalas for future generations.

“These exclusive products are a must-have for anyone travelling to show their unity with the Koala Army – a powerful movement fighting for koala justice on this Save the Koala Day.” Tabart said.

By supporting this initiative, you can make a significant contribution to the AKF’s ongoing efforts to ensure a brighter future for koalas. The AKF’s exclusive collection features stylish products with distinctive artwork, offering a tangible way to support koala conservation.

Join the Koala Army on Save the Koala Day. Explore the collection online or at the Warialda Save the Koala Shop. Continue supporting koala conservation by planting a tree, adopting a koala, or making a direct donation to the AKF.


Key Facts:

- The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is launching exclusive Reg Mombassa designed merchandise on Save the Koala Day (29 September 2023)

- Supporters of koala conservation are encouraged to join the AKF's Koala Army to fight for koala protection

- "Koala Woman" Deborah Tabart OAM, Chair of the AKF, is available for interview

About us:

About the Australian Koala Foundation
The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is the principal non-profit, non-government organisation dedicated to the conservation and effective management of the wild koala and its habitat. The AKF aims to refine and update the Koala Habitat Atlas mapping of all wild Koala habitat and to get the Koala Protection Act enacted, ensuring longevity of koalas and their habitat.

About Reg Mombassa
Christopher O’Doherty aka Reg Mombassa is a New Zealand-born Australian musician and artist. Mombassa is recognised for his distinctive style and thought-provoking creatives. His art often delves into themes of nature, society, and the environment, making him a compelling collaborator for the AKF’s Koala conservation mission

Contact details:
Office: (07) 3229 7233
Mobile: 0428 104 255


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