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Australian Blockchain Startup Redbelly Network Solves Multi-Trillion Dollar Problem

Redbelly Network 4 mins read
The multi-trillion-dollar megatrend of real-world asset tokenisation is continuing its explosive growth in the DeFi sector, with Total Value Locked (TVL) up almost 10X in 2023. The Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, World Bank, and the world’s largest asset manager Blackrock, have all announced they are exploring potential use cases for the tokenisation of regulated asset classes.

However, the sizeable barriers of proving identity and meeting regulatory compliance rules have remained - until now.

Redbelly Network today announced a ground-breaking, world-first solution to digitise high value assets in regulated capital markets through its Compliant Asset Tokenisation solution.

Redbelly’s Compliant Asset Tokenisation solution addresses identified market challenges to improve access, liquidity, choice and efficiency for regulated capital markets and their investors. The solution fixes traditional blockchain issues of delayed finality, anonymity, security and slow throughput to create a new type of compliant block space for on-chain tokenisation.

“Our Compliant Asset Tokenisation solution uses Web3 technology to solve practical real-world problems, in a compliant way, for a multi-trillion-dollar market it’s a huge deal,” says Alan Burt, Redbelly’s Executive Chairman.

“Current blockchains are not fit for purpose, as they’re either public and anonymous, meaning they have an accountability gap, or closed and permissioned, meaning they don’t have the composability and configurability the market needs for different asset classes. Redbelly’s Compliant Asset Tokenisation solution will support real-world use cases for trillions of dollars in assets that can now be tokenised for the first time, achieved in compliance with current and future regulation.

“This is the holy grail of Web3.”

Prof. Vincent Gramoli, Redbelly’s CTO and Founder, started trying to solve security vulnerabilities within distributed computing systems in 2016, and ended up developing a radical new type of fork-proof blockchain. By redesigning the core of how blockchains work, he created an entirely new type of consensus mechanism, the first formally verified blockchain consensus in the world, which directly addresses industry challenges around trust and regulation.

Underpinning Redbelly’s Compliant Asset Tokenisation solution are the principles of:

1. Finality, with transactions occurring almost instantaneously on the network.
2. Accountability, with every user known and verified before they can transact, achieved
through the W3C’s Verified Credentials model and including Zero-Knowledge Proof.
3. Data quality, with the blockchain able to act as an auditable single source of truth.
4. Security, through resistance to forking and intrusion attacks that compromise other layer 1s.
5. Throughput, with a max throughput of up to 660,000 TPS in lab testing conditions while still committing 100% of transactions to the chain.

The Compliant Asset Tokenisation solution is secure, scalable and EVM compatible, making it suitable for multi-chain strategies. It also has known fees and remains at all times an open, public blockchain that does not need Bridges, layer 2 hacks like intermediary Dapps or Rollups to function, which reduces risk for all participants.

New assets, new markets

Compliant Asset Tokenisation allows companies to build products and services around both real world and digital assets, with more speed, less cost and less risk. It enables the tokenisation and trading of existing traditional assets as well as alternative investments and emerging new asset classes. All of these can now be offered in new markets to new customers.

“When it comes to the over $100T in assets sitting in global capital markets, we haven’t been able to achieve the same level of success around tokenisation as we have in other asset classes,” says Redbelly’s CEO Warren Billington.

“Allowing democratic and compliant access to new assets in new markets is good for businesses, good for investors, good for Web3 and good for the world.”
Trustworthy technology

Redbelly’s world-first technology, where all participants on the network are known through verifiable credentials, supports the Rule of Law rather to protect the good actors and eradicate the bad actors. The principle of on-chain tokenisation backed by trustworthy technology is at the core of Redbelly’s Compliant Asset Tokenisation solution, says Mr. Billington.

“As a single source of truth for transactions and payments, Redbelly helps to stop fraud and dramatically reduces the cost impacts of bad quality data and slow processes. Redbelly Network’s blockchain has been rigorously tested, and proven to outperform other blockchains on real-world workloads in Diablo benchmarking. It is open, fast, cost-effective and natively compatible with assets in regulated markets.”

Prof. Gramoli says Redbelly’s platform components will allow Compliant Asset Tokenisation to succeed where other blockchains have failed.

“At its core, Redbelly is a public blockchain with a Solidity smart contract engine. It runs on the Democratic Byzantine Fault Tolerant (DBFT) consensus protocol, using a collaborative Super Block which is deterministically agreed upon, eliminating the possibility of forking.

“We believe very strongly that it can act as the trusted bridge between today’s regulated economy and tomorrow’s web3 economy. We’re so excited to bring it to the market.”

To find out more about Redbelly’s Compliant Asset Tokenisation (C.A.T) solution or to join the community visit .
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About us:
Redbelly was born at the University of Sydney and CSIRO where Prof. Vincent Gramoli developed a fork-proof blockchain. Through a rigorous scientific development process, in partnership with CSIRO, Data61, University of Sydney and Block8, Redbelly Network was commercialised in 2021. Redbelly was built to provide certainty in the regulated asset world by offering known counterparties and real time monitoring. Every user in the Redbelly ecosystem is known and accountable. Redbelly allows the adoption of blockchain for real world, regulated assets because it is the best of both worlds providing legally enforceable, regulated consumer protections while also being open, faster, and more efficient than other blockchains.

Contact details:
For press queries contact Alex Crompton, via


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