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DinkumDoc Launches cloud based Hybrid Video-health Platform that Combines Medicare Bulk billing Face-to-Face and Video health consultations

DinkumDoc.Com Pty. Ltd. Sydney Australia 2 mins read



Manish Chhabra

Founding CEO 




19 September 2023 

Today marks the official launch of DinkumDoc.Com, a novel cloud-based Australian video health platform that integrates online Medicare claims and instantaneous validation of Medicare card and provider numbers for hybrid consultations. These consultations entail a combination of in-person and video health sessions for GPs (general practitioners) and Specialists.

Dinkum Doc provides a range of additional features that enhance accessibility for healthcare providers located in rural and remote areas of Australia. The aforementioned characteristics encompass:

The incorporation of an automated healthcare identification (HI) number verification system into the registration process would enable instantaneous authentication of patients and physicians through the utilisation of the Medicare database. The primary objective of this authentication mechanism is to facilitate the efficient processing of both bulk billing and private billing claims.

Dinkum Doc possesses the ability to seamlessly integrate with various systems such as MIMS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme medicines Database), My Health Records, and e-Prescription systems. This integration facilitates the secure transmission of electronic prescriptions to patients who are mobile via SMS and email.

The integration of 6-way video conferencing technology has been found to improve the provision of multidisciplinary healthcare services. This technology enables the connection between rural Australians and urban specialists, as well as their local general practitioners, thereby enhancing healthcare delivery. The mentioned technological innovation has the potential to improve health outcomes in rural areas.

The platform includes a language-matching feature that facilitates effective communication between healthcare providers and patients who share a common native language, thereby improving efficiency.

Elastic Cloud-based systems offer notable benefits in the realm of facilitating substantial healthcare accessibility for patients throughout Australia and ensuring Auto-scaling of Sydney based servers in response to unanticipated pandemics.

Dinkum Doc is a multifaceted platform that has been specifically developed to augment the work-life balance of General Practitioners (GPs), Allied Health providers, and specialists through the provision of adaptable working schedules.

According to Manish Chhabra, the Chief Executive Officer of, "the implementation of Dinkum Doc has elicited a significant level of enthusiasm. This platform aims to provide physicians with a unique Hybrid approach to delivering high-quality healthcare services to their patients, which involves a combination of in-person consultations and online video consultations." 

The Dinkum Doc platform presents a novel solution for physicians aiming to achieve cost reductions, enhance operational efficiency, and provide convenient, high-quality healthcare services to their patients.

The Dinkum Doc platform is currently offering free registration for both medical professionals and individuals in need of medical services. For additional details, please consult the website

Key Facts:

1. The Australian Approach to Sustainable Bulk Billing Innovation with 100% Billing.

2. Facilitating healthcare accessibility for patients residing in rural and remote regions of Australia.


3. Facilitating linguistic inclusivity for healthcare accessibility in native languages.


About us:



Dinkum Doc represents the pioneering Australian video health platform that has successfully integrated with the Medicare online claiming system, offering real-time verification of Medicare cards and provider numbers. Dinkum Doc presents several attributes that render it highly suitable for medical professionals. These include the automatic generation of Minor IDs, the ability to generate e-Prescriptions, seamless integration with MIMS and My Health Records, incorporation of 6-way video conferencing technology to facilitate multidisciplinary care, inclusion of language matching capability, utilization of a cloud-based clinic, and the direct payment of Medicare rebates to doctors when General Practitioners submit the relevant item number in Dinkum Doc subsequent to the consultation.



Contact details:

Manish Chhabra



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