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Dynamic Teen Coalition Officially Launches at IGF 2023 in Kyoto, Amplifying Teen Voices for a Brighter Technological Future

Kyoto, Japan 2 mins read
Dynamic Teen Coalition

The Dynamic Teen Coalition (DTC), an innovative teen initiative of the United Nations' Internet Governance Forum (IGF), will announce its official launch at a Youth focused October 7th event taking place at The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics. 

Co-chair Pyrate Ruby Passell, a passionate Australian teen technologist, recently announced her plans to establish a Teen Board responsible for developing monthly tech-focused social media challenges to build a new web of hopeful technology solutions by and for teens where they are already engaged. Following the IGF launch, DTC will issue an open call for Teen Board members aged 13-19 through its social media platforms to guide this groundbreaking global discussion. 

DTC has garnered significant support from industry experts and influencers. Keiko Tanaka, an Assistant Professor organising the Youth event from, praised DTC's focus on young people, highlighting the importance of engaging young minds in the discussions on AI for promoting positive, responsible, equitable technological development. 

At just 14 years old, Pyrate Ruby Passell has already made remarkable contributions to the IGF, successfully organising IGF Youth Tracks over this past year. In recognition of her dedication to driving meaningful change, Pyrate has been invited to prestigious events such as the Global Digital Compact in New York and the UN Foundations' 'Our Future Agenda' focused on the Sustainable Development Goals. She has often if not always been the only teenager in attendance. Additionally, she will feature in the book "Quo Vadis, Youth? (2nd edition of the Youth Atlas)" and will participate in a discussion panel alongside Vint Cerf, regarded as the "Father of the Internet," at the IGF.

"I firmly believe that young people should have a voice in their online experiences and be catalysts for change, creating a smarter, safer social media space to shape the future of technology by prioritising mental well-being," stated Pyrate Ruby Passell, Co-chair of DTC. "I am excited to invite like-minded teenagers to join our Teen Board and collaboratively open a pathway for teens to have a voice in addressing the technological challenges faced by our generation." 

The launch of the Dynamic Teen Coalition signifies a pivotal step in integrating the voices of diverse teenagers into critical human rights discussions on technology and mental well-being at the United Nations. We encourage everyone to support this groundbreaking initiative as it shapes a brighter future for the next generation. 


About us:

About Dynamic Teen Coalition (DTC):
The Dynamic Teen Coalition (DTC) empowers teenagers to drive positive change in the technology sector. Founded and co-chaired by Pyrate Ruby Passell, a dedicated youth advocate, DTC prioritises teen mental health while actively contributing to the development and regulation of internet technologies, including artificial intelligence.

Contact details:

For media inquiries or more information, please contact: 

Stacy Gildenston 

Co-Chair and Founder 

+61412839449 (please text first)


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