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Hologram Dinosaurs at the Australian Museum A prehistoric story comes to life with a modern twist

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1 September, 2023, Sydney: Travel back in time to a pre-historic world and come face to face with a mighty T.rex with Hologram Dinosaurs, a new virtual installation at the Australian Museum (AM), opening 2 September as part of the AM’s annual Dinosaur Festival leading into the school holidays.

Upon entering Hologram Dinosaurs, visitors will discover four pre-historic environments where they will encounter and interact with herds of dinosaurs in their natural habitat – some 10m tall and 20m long – as well as dive with ancient marine reptiles and soar with the earliest vertebrates, pterosaurs.


Created by the Australian organisation, AXIOM HOLOGRAPHICS,  Hologram Dinosaurs uses cutting-edge hologram technology to bring the 300 million-year-old story roaring to life for a new generation of dinosaur enthusiasts.


Australian Museum Head of Exhibitions, Fran Dorey said that Hologram Dinosaurs uses digital technology to take people on a journey into lost worlds.


“Hologram technology is a magical realm. Through this breathtaking digital technology our visitors will experience the trepidation and excitement of meeting long-extinct animals as well as stand in the shadows of the largest creatures to have ever walked the earth,” she said.


“Part of the AM’s annual Dinosaur Festival, Hologram Dinosaurs provides visitors with the perfect blend of dino-entertainment and a scientific learning experience,” Dorey added.


Australian Museum Curator of Palaeontology, Dr Matt McCurry said that through studying fossils palaeontologists look back at past worlds and their intriguing animals.


“Dinosaurs have always captured our imagination, and the use of holographic digital technology represents an exciting way for people to see these creatures in the flesh.”


CEO of AXIOM Holographics, Bruce Dell, said the installation is not only a visual and sound feast, but also offers an entertaining and fresh perspective of these ancient creatures.


“Holograms are produced by the intersection of light and matter and are designed to be viewed from all angles. Unlike VR, visitors do not need to wear headsets to feel immersed and experience what it is like to walk among these giants,” Dell said. “We are thrilled to work with the AM, the nation’s first museum, to showcase these prehistoric creatures in a way their visitors would never before have experienced.”


Hologram Dinosaurs is part of the AM’s annual spring school holidays Dinosaur festival, which includes a bumper line-up of dinosaur events such as T.rex autopsy and Scientist for a Day.

Editors: Images and video available here

Hologram Dinosaurs Information Here  Dates: 2 September, 2023 – 15 October, 2023

Tickets for Hologram Dinosaurs$12.50 Adult Member, $11.25 Child Member, $25 Non-member Adult $22.50 Non-member Child. Location: AM’s Hintze Hall

2023 Dinosaur Festival (2 September to 15 October):

T.rex Autopsy:  Join us for our T.rex autopsy where we peel back the skin and dive deep inside one of the Earth's most mysterious creatures to examine how these massive 66-million-year-old lizard monsters may have lived... and how they died. Dates: 3 - 8 Oct Cost: Free


Dinosaurs Down Under Embark on an adventure into the prehistoric world of Australian dinosaurs, and learn how the prehistoric creatures that walked, swam, flew, slithered and crawled. Dates: 5 - 8 Oct Cost: $12 Members, $15 Non-member Ages 4 - 9 years. Location: Theatre.


Jurassic Poo:  Join world renowned “poohleontologist” Professor Flint in Jurassic Poo for a hilarious, seriously stinky and highly informative adventure of discovery into the origin of faeces. Dates: 5-8 Oct Cost: $12 Members, $15 Non-member

Ages: 4-9 years.


Life on Earth: take a journey back in time to the beginning of the Earth, 4.6 billion years ago. Dates 3-4 Oct Cost: $12 Members, $15 Non-member Ages: 8 - 12 years; Location: Dinosaur Gallery


Scientist for a Day – Palaeontology: Prepare to be enthralled as you meet AM palaeontologist, Dr Patrick Smith, who will share his expertise and captivating tales of discovery, as you learn how dinosaurs adapted to ever-changing landscapes and environments, shaping their unique characteristics and survival strategies. Dates: 25, 26 Sept Cost: $120 members, $150 non-Members Ages; 9 - 12 years Location:  AM’s Patricia McDonald Education Rooms.


Scientist for a Day - Geology: Kids will learn everything there is to know about rocks and minerals and their properties in hands-on experiments. As part of the interactive investigation, your "little scientists" will also get to explore the new Minerals gallery and go behind-the-scenes in our collection’s lab with AM’s mineral experts, Ross Pogson and Dayna McGeeney. Dates: 28, 29 Sept Cost: $120 Members, $150 non-Members Ages: 9 - 12 years Location: AM’s Patricia McDonald Education Rooms.


Dinosaur Discovery Workshops: In this 60-minute interactive workshop on Australian dinosaurs, explore the prehistoric world and learn intriguing details about the ancient creatures that once inhabited the Australian continent. Dates: 3,4 Oct Cost: $36 Members, $45 non-Members. Ages: 5 - 8 years, 9 - 12 years Location: Patricia McDonald Education Rooms.


Palaeo Illustration Workshops: How do we know what dinosaurs looked like? Become a palaeo artist as you combine your imagination with scientific evidence to illustrate dinosaur discoveries from Australia and around the world. Led by Celia Curtis, a successful paleo-artist and a scientific illustrator, these workshops collide art and science to jumpstart your creativity and ignite a sense of wonder, Dates: 5, 7 Oct Cost: $52 Members, $65 non-Members Ages: 5 - 8 years, 9 - 12 years

Location: AM’s Patricia McDonald Education Rooms.


Key Facts:

Hologram Dinosaurs is part of the AM’s annual spring school holidays Dinosaur festival, which includes a bumper line-up of dinosaur events such as T.rex autopsy and Scientist for a Day.

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