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In the face of heat and fire, Australia fails to lift its ambition at UN climate summit

Solutions for Climate Australia 2 mins read

The Australian Government today failed to provide new ambition targets to support stronger action to stop global warming. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Gutteres, had earlier in the year called for the climate ambition summit at UN headquarters in New York. To speak at the summit countries needed to pledge significant new commitments for action.  

Australia did not speak.  

“This week we have seen a heat wave and fires in eastern Australia just after winter finished. This follows catastrophic fires across the northern hemisphere in the last few months. People die from climate change disasters caused by burning coal and gas. Australians die. We are now in a genuine global crisis. But the Australian Government is showing no indications of dealing with our exports of coal and gas,” said Dr. Barry Traill, Director of Solutions for Climate Australia.

“If we are to have a hope of turning around the escalating climate disasters we need to stop approving more coal and gas mines, while rapidly phasing out existing operations. “ 

“Dozens of other countries put up new pledges today for greater action on climate. But Australia was missing. We are the world’s second largest exporter of coal and the second largest exporter of liquefied gas. Since the federal election the Albanese Government has approved four new mines, and there are 100 plus new projects in the approval line.”

“Our Pacific Island neighbours are at risk of losing their whole nations to climate change, as sea levels rise. Many Australian communities again faced catastrophic weather conditions for fire this week.”

“In order for Australians to face a less dangerous climate, we need every nation on earth to do their share. Why would they do theirs if we do not do ours? The Albanese Government needs to take responsibility and stop approving new fossil fuel projects,” Dr. Traill said.


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For media comment:  Dr. Barry Traill (currently in New York) -  0448 79444

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