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Monash experts: Dan Andrews resigns as Victorian Premier

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Monash University experts are available to comment on Premier Dan Andrews’ resignation from the Victorian Parliament. Experts can discuss his legacy, the implications for his replacement and Victorian politics more widely.


Dr Zareh Ghazarian, Senior Lecturer in Politics, School of Social Sciences

Contact: +61 402 851 224 or
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The following can be attributed to Dr Ghazarian:


“Daniel Andrews has seemingly been an untouchable giant in Victorian politics since he first led Labor to victory in 2014. He subsequently led Labor to comfortable victories in 2018 and 2022. In doing so, he consolidated his place as one of Australia’s most successful political leaders.


“The Andrews years, however, were not without controversy. His leadership style was polarising, and numerous investigations and allegations went to the heart of the integrity of his government.


“The COVID-19 lockdowns in Victoria, which were some of the lengthiest in the world, allowed Andrews to showcase his leadership style. While some Victorians were disappointed, it did not stop him from leading Labor to a third consecutive election win in 2022.


“Politically, Andrews’ decision to step down might be a circuit breaker in this state. For so long, the Liberal Party in opposition has been mired in its own internal divisions and has seemingly been unable to mount an effective campaign against Labor. With Andrews out of the way, the Liberal Party has a clear opportunity to reposition itself as an effective political force and reconnect with those who may have abandoned it during the Andrews premiership. While the Liberal Party has continued to find opposition difficult, this may be a turning point for their electoral fortunes.


“Whoever finds themselves replacing Andrews has a lot of work ahead of them. Attracting voters who were not fond of the Andrews leadership style, as well as rejuvenating a party that is nearing 10 years in government, will be major challenges for whoever becomes Victoria’s next Premier.”


Dr Blair Williams, Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

Contact: +61 431 067 541 or 

Read more of Dr William’s commentary at Monash Lens


The following can be attributed to Dr Williams:

“If Jacinta Allan becomes the next Premier, it would be the first time that a woman has led Victoria in over thirty years, since Joan Kirner stepped down in 1992. Allan, as the second ever woman to occupy the role of Deputy Premier, could then add the distinction of being the state’s second woman in the role of Premier as well.

“The appointment of a woman to replace such a popular predecessor, the longest-serving Victorian premier to date, could also be considered part of the glass cliff phenomenon. This term has been coined to describe the frequency with which women are appointed to leadership positions during times of crisis or when there are higher risks of failure. Allan will have to navigate a complex political landscape to fill the large Andrews-shaped gap in a third-term government.

“It will be difficult for anyone entering the top job after Andrews' resignation, but a woman Premier might also face the added difficulty of sexism seen in the treatment of other women political leaders around the country. The Murdoch press, for example, has not only been critical in their coverage of Andrews but is particularly hostile towards women political leaders, which could be a significant challenge for Allan if she becomes Premier.

“Victoria has been a leader on gender equality policy in recent years, so it is about time it had its second woman Premier.”

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Tuesday, 27 February 2024

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