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SEASON 2 OF LiSTNR’S DR GOLLY AND THE EXPERTS: MAFS’ couple Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli talk post-natal anxiety in men

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MAFS’ couple  Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli talk post-natal depression and anxiety in men: “I didn’t know it existed for men.”


He’s spoken with sports broadcaster Hamish McLachlan about West syndrome, Em Rusciano about the way kids on the spectrum are treated, Dr Norman Swan about traumatic brain injuries, Johanna Scully and Georgia Barnes about the incredible experience of surrogacy; former AFL players Jordan Lewis and Jarryd Roughead on cancer and concussions, and he’s even shared his own experience with his daughter Olympia being born with Craniosynostosis; so there’s no mistaking that Dr Daniel Golshevsky’s LiSTNR original podcast, Dr Golly and the Experts is making a difference for listeners, and interviewees alike. In wonderful news, Season 2 of Dr Golly and the Experts has launched this week.


“Season 2 will see more incredible, insightful and inspiring stories told through the power of conversation, and the willingness of people to share their own experiences. It’s powerful stuff and a privilege to share them,” said Dr Golly.  “In the first few episodes I speak about cystic fibrosis with the beloved Reggie Bird (winner of Big Brother seasons 3 and 14), about stillbirth with AFL couple Bel and Rory Sloane, cerebral palsy with pro-boxer Youssef Dib, and  childhood leukemia with Samantha Dennauoi,” he said. The first episode covers post-natal depression with MAFS’ couple  Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli and can be heard here


In Dr Golly and the Experts, Dr Golshevsky (Dr Golly) talks with ‘experts’ - patients and parents who have, through necessity, become a specialist in their specific health journey, from diagnosis to day-to-day treatment and beyond. The stories are sometimes painful, often heart-warming and always inspiring and told through the voices and hearts of high-profile Australians as they talk to Dr Golly, a Melbourne-based paediatrician and father of three.


Given his unique position as former Chief Resident Medical Officer at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Dr Golly has treated many high-profile Australian families as they deal with medical conditions ranging from epilepsy, autism, eczema, sleep deprivation, croup and ADHD, and he has a rare talent as an expert, and as an expert translator. He’s a pleasure to listen to. In talking to patients and parents, Dr Golly shares their challenges confronting a diagnosis, managing their own struggles, and finding solutions and treatment for their children, and themselves.


“It's one thing to study and practice medicine for decades, and be able to talk about different conditions when it comes to both children's and adult health and development, but it’s another thing entirely to live through the experience as a patient and most often, a parent,” said Dr Golly. 


Rich in storytelling and combined with Dr Golly’s evidence-based explainers, this podcast delivers compelling interviews with information for parents battling significant parenting obstacles and long term medical issues. There’s few episodes where tissues aren’t needed.


FIRST EPISODE: MAFS’ couple  Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli talk  post-natal anxiety in men


5.08 – Michael has always been an anxious person. “I grew up in an area. I bought a house in [that] same area. I played footy in the same area. I got a job in the same area, and I never wanted to move out of that five kilometre radius… I did my traveling here and there for a few weeks at a time, but would always come back to the safety of my area.”


16.23 – Dr Golly (to Michael): “do you realize that according to the criteria for paternal postnatal anxiety, you tick every box? Do you know that?”
Michael Brunelli: “I didn't know that because I didn't know it existed for men.”
Dr Golly: “Now that you know it. What do you think you'll do about it?”

Michael Brunelli: “Just deal with it.”


19.52 - Martha Kalifatidis: “Lucius hasn't had a nap where Michael hasn't watched him nap yet.”


21.14 - Dr Golly to Michael: “If I connected you with a professional, would you go and seek help?”...
Michael: “Right now, I don’t think I would.”




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