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Spokesperson alert: The ex-lawyer and banker eradicating fear-based leadership in corporates with love

Margot Faraci 3 mins read
Margot Faraci

Hi, hope you’re well


I’m reaching out, as I’m working with Margot Faraci, a high-profile business leader, podcaster, author, speaker and leadership coach, working to eradicate fear-based leadership in corporates and instead, solve with love, making way for a high performing & powerful path for businesses and managers.


The challenge - most leaders are unconsciously leading with fear. Fear fosters mistrust, politics and churn. It blocks creativity and shrouds possibility. Managing risk is time consuming and fills our schedules. It keeps leaders focused on problems. Margot’s approach – to solve fear with love – harnesses what great leaders have proven throughout history: leveraging our most powerful human emotion is not a “soft skill” but a commanding shift. 


Margot Faraci is a senior leader with over 20 years experience in corporate Australia. She has worked in some of Australia’s biggest companies including Macquarie Bank, NAB,, and CBA. Margot has led cultural transformation in her various roles, and is “never put in a situation to just keep things running the way they always have been”. She is a change agent, coach and mentor to some of Australia’s largest companies on their leadership principles, offering the guidance and practical advice leaders need to conquer today’s challenges, create lasting change and generate positive financial results.


She is available for interview, commentary and speaker opportunities for anything you might have planned or be working on. Margot can discuss the following and more: 

  • Why an ex-lawyer and banking manager is turning the tide on corporate Australia

  • Leadership, performance, stress and burnout

  • How the majority of managers in Australia are unconsciously leading with fear, and the impact this can have on performance and productivity

  • Different leadership styles - including that of football managers, the RBA, the prime minister Anthony Albanese and more

  • Toxic culture and leaders in the workplace

  • Creating a cohesive team and eradicating fear-based leadership in corporates

  • Why we love to hate the middle manager

  • High pressure and the need for middle managers to influence

  • The impact of fear-based leadership on productivity, performance and the wider economy

  • The Future of Work - hybrid working and a four day week

  • What is the theory of love leadership

  • The truth behind the Sunday scaries


Full biography below:

Margot Faraci is a senior leader with two decades of experience in corporate Australia. Having previously worked in some of the biggest companies in Australia, including Macquarie Bank, NAB,, Ashurst and CBA, she’s led cultural transformations in multiple environments. Margot’s never been put in a situation to just keep things running the way they always did. She’s a change agent, her modus operandi being to simultaneously perform and transform – with an acute commercial focus on profit.


Margot’s approach – to solve fear with love – harnesses what great leaders have proven throughout history: leveraging our most powerful human emotion is not a “soft skill” but a commanding shift. It’s a drive to results, your own potential and unleashing the potential of those you lead, without compromising your authenticity or security. Margot offers both the principles and practical advice you need to conquer today’s challenges.


Margot’s mission is to empower emerging leaders to challenge and abandon established patterns of fear-based leadership. She aims to create leaders that harness the most powerful and universal human emotion: Love, offering a secure and authentic path to realising your potential. 


Margot advocates for choosing Love Leadership: The more powerful path to creating lasting positive change and generating positive financial results.

Contact details:

Emma Eager | | 0420 245 305

Jessica Frankel | | 0404 442 120


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