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Sydneysiders to protest against “Dog Daddy”

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Controversial social media dog trainer, Augusto DeOliveira is scheduled to give dog training classes in Sydney 30 September and 1 October.

Sydney dog trainers will protest against him at Town Hall steps on 30 September from 10.30am to 3.30 pm.

The Brazilian-born, US trainer has no qualifications in animal behaviour or training.

Experts have described his modus operandi as “a human fighting with a dog until the dog gives in.”

Ahead of his tour,  Animal Justice Party MP, Hon. Emma Hurst named him in the NSW Legislative Council on 14 September.

Australia’s two peak dog training bodies have warned that his punishment-based methods could "traumatise" dogs.

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the Pet Professional Guild Australia stated on 20 September: “Punishment-based training hurts and doesn’t help dogs and people.”

"These methods are designed to cause pain and fear in dogs."

DeOliveira cancelled London tour dates in the wake of strong statements of concern by the UK RSPCA, the British Veterinary Association and the UK Kennel Club. He also cancelled Rome dates.

Dog trainers protested at Dog Daddy events in Canada, the UK and last week, Santa Monica, USA.

“Stop Dog Daddy” believes he should not teach in Australia because of his blatant cruelty to dogs.

We have written to the Minister for Immigration to inform him of our concerns. We believe his visit would create division in the community and contravene the cruelty laws in NSW.

As well, DeOliveira fails the “good character” test of Section 501(6)(c)(ii) of the Migration Act 1958 with two fraud convictions and a string of accusations of lawless dealings in the US arising from his dog breeding business.

Debbie Lustig, convenor of “Stop Dog Daddy Australia” said: “Australia is a nation of dog lovers. We are appalled by this man’s methods.

“Dog training should never involve violence. Punishments make aggressive and fearful dogs worse, making dogs more likely to lash out without warning.

“Aggressive behaviour can be changed with humane training guided by professionals who practice evidence-based methods.

“There’s no place in Australia for spectacles featuring deliberate harm to dogs.

"This issue highlights the fact that dog training is an unregulated industry. Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer."

Petitions denouncing “The Dog Daddy” have gathered over 50,000 signatures.

Key Facts:

"Dog Daddy" set to visit Sydney this weekend

"Stop Dog Daddy Australia" group of dog trainers to protest at Town Hall on Saturday

Uses violent punishments on dogs

Methods condemned by professionals in the field worldwide

Rewards-based methods to train dogs urged


About us:

"Stop Dog Daddy Australia" is a group of dog trainers and owners who oppose Augusto DeOliveira's methods.

It's part of a worldwide movement against Dog Daddy's methods spearheaded by celebrity dog trainer, Zak George.

Contact details:

Debbie Lustig, convenor, amateur trainer: 0402 887 248

Ian Shivers, dog trainer and behaviourist: 0434 397 507

Zak George, US celebrity dog trainer: +1(770)331-8070 (Alaska USA)

























































































































































































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