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The 4-Day Work Week – It’s Great, But Not for Everyone. How about offering GENUINE flexibility instead?

The Atticism PR & Brand Development 3 mins read
Renae Smith - Founder of The Atticism

Sydney, 5 September 2023 – In a world where work-life balance has become paramount, the concept of the 4-day work week has gained significant attention and admiration. While this compressed work schedule is celebrated for its potential to enhance employee happiness and productivity, it's essential to recognise that employee wellbeing and business operation success is not a one-size-fits-all solution. 


One Australian company leading the way in understanding this diversity of needs is The Atticism PR & Brand Development.


The Atticism PR & Brand Development has become a shining example of how flexible work options can empower employees to choose what suits them best.  They were one of the first Australian companies to embrace a hybrid work-from-anywhere approach (back in 2017, long before Covid hit), and female staff have received paid period leave for the past 5 years.  The secret - LET STAFF CHOOSE WHAT WORKS BEST!


The company has embraced the idea that every employee is unique, and their work preferences should be respected. This approach has led to innovative solutions such as a four-day work week for some staff, flexible work-from-home arrangements for others, flexible hybrid models, and even enabling staff to work from overseas part-time.  The key is in understanding expectations and empowering employees to work in the way that best allows them to achieve their KPIs.


Research from Australia further underscores the importance of catering to individual work preferences. Studies have shown that each person works and learns differently, and therefore, the traditional 9-to-5 workday may not be the most effective approach for everyone. Employees who can tailor their work schedules to their needs tend to be happier, enjoy more balanced lifestyles, and ultimately deliver better work.


The Director of The Atticism PR & Brand Development, Renae Smith, emphasises the company's commitment to valuing its employees' diverse needs. "We believe that a happy and balanced workforce is a productive workforce. We offer a range of work options because we understand that the 4-day work week is fantastic, but it's not for everyone. Our goal is to provide an environment where our team can thrive in their own unique ways.


This approach has resulted in higher job satisfaction, reduced burnout, and increased productivity among The Atticism's employees. By acknowledging that the 4-day work week isn't the only path to success, they've created a more inclusive and supportive workplace.


As the debate around the 4-day work week continues, it's crucial to remember that while it may be a game-changer for some, it may not suit everyone's needs. The Atticism PR & Brand Development's innovative approach exemplifies the importance of flexibility in the modern workplace, ensuring that each employee can choose a work schedule that aligns with their individual requirements, leading to happier, more balanced lives and ultimately, better work.



Key Facts:

"We believe that a happy and balanced workforce is a productive workforce. We offer a range of work options because we understand that the 4-day work week is fantastic, but it's not for everyone. Our goal is to provide an environment where our team can thrive in their own unique ways." - Renae Smith

About us:

About The Atticism PR & Brand Development


The Atticism PR & Brand Development is a forward-thinking Australian company specialising in public relations and brand development.  They are a ‘boutique-by-design’ agency, determined to work closely with clients and avoid a corporate approach.

The Atticism opened a boutique satellite office in the UK in 2019/20 and a further satellite office in Dubai in 2023.  They have consulted with clients across Australia, Asia, the UK, USA and Europe.

They are committed to providing a flexible and inclusive work environment that empowers their employees to choose work arrangements that best suit their needs, resulting in a happier and more productive team.

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 About Renae Smith

 Renae Smith, founder of The Atticism, began her career as a legal professional at just 15, eventually working as a paralegal for high-profile law firms before opening her own paralegal firm, Complete Secretarial. 

Simultaneously, she made her mark in the hospitality industry, providing expert insights and service reports to Australian venues and international cruise companies. Renae's pivot to brand development led to the creation of The Atticism in 2012, setting new industry standards for a tired industry.

Over the past decade, Renae has become a global PR industry icon, featured in HR books and high-profile media outlets worldwide commenting on everything from how to run a successful team to providing expert commentary on PR issues surrounding Prince Harry.  She works predominantly from The Atticism’s UK and Dubai office, but supervises work across all three of The Atticism’s locations.

She's also a freelance SME business expert and Federal Budget reporter as well as a culinary talent, ranking 8th on MasterChef Australia, and more recently, as the host of "What Chefs Want," TV series which gained rave reviews in Singapore and is due to air in Australia in 2024.

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For more information about The Atticism PR & Brand Development and their flexible work options, please contact:


Renae Smith - Director


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