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3-Hat Chef Jed Gerrard collaborates with JUCA on new premium baby food collection

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Free range chicken, coconut cream, mango, brown rice and Australian native lemon myrtle is one of the recipes created by Chef Jed Gerrard for the JUCA launch collection of baby meals.

New Australian baby food brand JUCA is on a mission to change the face of pouch-based meals for babies with its small batch recipes crafted with superfoods and the finest of ingredients. 


The founders of JUCA, Justine Conley and Paul Cavanagh, are passionate about the importance of the early introduction of a range of natural, healthy, savoury flavours to children. 


‘We know that modern parenting often means a need for convenient options. We believe that shouldn’t mean that quality and nutritional value should be compromised’ said Paul.


They wanted to ensure that their recipes would delight tiny taste buds and give babies the best first introduction to healthy flavours possible, so they approached top Australian chef, Chef Jed Gerrard, to collaborate.


‘Chef Jed Gerrard is one of Australia’s best chefs’, Justine said ‘He is a maestro when it comes to using pure, healthy, local ingredients to create incredibly delicious flavour combinations’. Paul added ‘We are thrilled to have collaborated with Jed on the JUCA Signature Collection of baby meals’.


Chef Jed Gerrard’s culinary CV is impressive. After making waves at Sydney’s iconic Tetsuya’s and Bilsons, Chef Jed Gerrard ventured to Europe, honing his craft in Michelin-starred establishments in Switzerland and France. Later, at The Ritz Carlton Perth’s Hearth, he achieved the extraordinary feat of earning three Chef's hats in the restaurant's inaugural year and was hailed as one of "Australia's greatest Chefs" by food critic John Lethlean. Today, Chef Jed Gerrard continues to amaze as the Culinary Director of Wills Domain in Margaret River and the Chef Partner of the highly-anticipated Whitehorse Sydney, set to open in 2024.


And now babies around Australia can get a taste of Gerrard’s culinary prowess. ‘My inspiration for the different flavour profiles for the recipes was to showcase really beautiful, healthy, local produce using lots of vegetables as well as incorporating subtle hints of native herbs’ said Jed.


‘I’m really passionate about showing the next generation the benefits of really healthy produce and getting them to develop their palates to appreciate the range of flavours in the JUCA recipes’.


All of JUCA’s meals are 100% clean with no preservatives. They contain healthy fats such as olive oil, hemp seed oil and wild caught salmon, and are rich in superfoods such as chia, kale, 12-hour simmered beef broth and Australian native herbs. JUCA sources only ethical proteins that have been humanely raised, grass fed and free range.


JUCA’s Signature Collection contains two each of the six meals created by Chef Jed Gerrard. The collection is available exclusively via the JUCA website for delivery Australia-wide.

About us:

JUCA is on a mission to cultivate a positive attitude towards nutritious and high quality food in children. We believe in the lifelong benefits of introducing a variety of savoury flavours to a child’s palate from an early age.


JUCA meals are crafted right here in Australia from nutritious, natural, ethically sourced ingredients. We don’t compromise on our source ingredients, so there’s no need to compromise on your food choices for your children.


The JUCA Signature Collection launch range consists of the following meals:

- Wild caught salmon, sweetcorn + Australian native bush basil

- Ancient grains, kale, hemp seed oil + Australian native sea parsley

- 12 hour beef broth, roasted vegetables, olive oil + Australian native bush tomato

- Grass fed lamb, roasted carrots + Australian native river minted peas

- Free range chicken, coconut cream, mango, brown rice + Australian native lemon myrtle

- Root vegetables, chia seeds, olive oil + Australian native thyme


JUCA meals are suitable for babies 6 months and older.




Contact details:

Justine Conley

0457 287 337


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