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From Tuesday, give your old phone new life! Photo credit: World Phone Amnesty


(October 17, 2023, Sydney) Australia will lead the first-ever World Phone Amnesty, a global movement to transform mobile phone ownership behaviour, curb carbon emissions, and reduce the number of devices being discarded every year – billions.


Approximately 83% of a phone’s carbon emissions come from manufacturing, shipping and first-year usage. Keeping a smartphone in use for an extra two years can reduce its CO2 impact by 43%.  


The rising cost of living, coupled with interest in sustainable alternatives and phone durability, is prompting a change to the way people manage their devices. Australians are ready to make the change, with a study showing 41% of households are willing to purchase a second-hand phone. 


The World Phone Amnesty is a year of action to generate global awareness and drive device circulation, highlighting the point that there is a better way to own your phone through easy behavioural change. From now on, when you buy a new phone, simply hand in your old one to give it a new life.


Around the world, an extraordinary total of at least 5.3 billion phones are prematurely discarded every year, part of an estimated annual total of 50 million tonnes of e-waste – the equivalent weight of all the commercial aircraft ever made. 


The Amnesty has the potential to revolutionise our consumption of mobile phones by amplifying awareness of the benefits of handing in your old one when you get a new one. It was developed by Kingfisher, an international mobile experience company leading the way to create sustainable solutions for the telco industry.


Kingfisher has developed a way to embrace a more sustainable form of device ownership via the “circular economy”, pioneering the world’s first circular model for mobile phones, which extends their lifespan through a one-for-one exchange. It means consumers can buy the latest devices and know that their old phones will be given a new home and used to their full potential.


“Today, phones are designed to last longer than ever, for seven or eight years. The longer lifespan means phones can have three or more owners, rather than ending up in a drawer or landfill,” Georgiann Reigle, Kingfisher Co-Founder and CEO, said.


“It is unrealistic to expect consumers to use a single device for that long. But while we understand the desire to own a new phone, the World Phone Amnesty highlights the benefits of extending the lifecycles of all the other ones, in order to maximise the potential of each device to reduce its carbon footprint.” 


In Australia, although 35% of households own at least one second-hand device, the benefits of putting phones back into circulation before discarding or recycling isn’t well understood. The simple act of handing in a mobile phone, giving it a second, third and fourth life, is proven to create significant impact.


The statistics underpinning the urgency of the World Phone Amnesty are staggering:


  • Globally, almost 180 million used mobile devices will be sold in the circular economy in 2023, while approximately one billion will be sent to landfill and billions more will be left in drawers, closets, cupboards or garages, tossed into waste bins, or headed for incineration.



  • Each year, 5.3 billion phones are thrown away – which placed end-to-end would stretch to the moon and back.*






Kingfisher launches the World Phone Amnesty at SXSW Sydney (October 15-20), the annual tech and innovation event which brings together inspired thinkers, creators, business leaders and industries in consumer electronics and other fields. 


The World Phone Amnesty web portal offers Australians a comprehensive resource for trading in or upgrading their mobile phones. Its immersive and engaging features will inform, educate and empower every smartphone user to make a difference over the next 12 months by showcasing what happens to their old phone when they get a new one and highlighting alternative forms of phone use and ownership. Visit: (officially launching October 17).


*Average size of phone (6 inches) x 5.3bn phones - average distance from earth to the moon 384,400 km.


Media assets HERE including media backgrounder, spokespeople bios, images and video. 


About us:

About Kingfisher 

Kingfisher is a next-gen mobile experience company, completely reinventing the phone ownership experience.


People-first by design, Kingfisher is dedicated to optimising the lifecycle of connected devices, creating end-to-end experience solutions designed to change the way people buy, own and trade in mobile devices – transforming the mobile experience economy for carriers, their customers, and the planet.


Kingfisher’s sustainable and innovative device ownership solutions extend the lifespan of connected devices by powering the efficient circulation of new and second-life ones within the global value chain, creating circular transformation at scale.


Find out more at: 


About the World Phone Amnesty

On October 17, 2023, Kingfisher introduced the world’s first Mobile Phone Amnesty. A year of action designed to generate global awareness and drive device circulation, the Amnesty highlights the fact that there is a better way to own your phone through simple behaviour change. When you buy a new phone, just hand in your old one. Australia will lead this global movement.




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Media contact and interviews: 

Karen Eck, 0438 532 569


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