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Australia’s Fast Track Factory to the Millionaire’s club.

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Shray and Nikita Tawde, Urban Clean Franchisees

They are not bankers. Not lawyers. Not in Mining. Yet, they are on a fast track to fortunes.


A Mum & Dad business operation based in Brisbane, Nikita and Shray Tawde started their business less than two years ago. Last month, they made more money in one month than most high-income earners make in one year. 


At the same time across the country in Perth, Sean Millar started his business around the same time as the Tawdes. He’s now earning six figures in only his second year of trade. 


Nikita, Shray and Sean are not bankers, lawyers, or property developers. Their business is cleaning.


Nikita and Shray Tawde made the decision in 2021 to join forces in business after more than a decade as a married couple. Nikita had a career in travel and Shray had worked in commercial cleaning in New Zealand and Australia. 


The Tawdes became Master Franchisors in Australia’s fastest growing franchise brand Urban Clean, founded by Queensland Entrepreneur Damien Boehm. Since making the decision to become not only life but business partners, they haven’t looked back. Today they have 40 Franchisees operating in Brisbane East, West and South, Ipswich, Toowoomba and Canberra which clean 600+ spaces and businesses. 


Just as Damien Boehm passed on his toolkit on how to fast track your way to a successful business, Nikita and Shray are now passing on the Urban Clean know-how and proven systems to all their franchisees in Queensland and the ACT. 


“Becoming part of the Urban Clean family is the best decision we could have made for our financial future and family. Right from the start, you are set up with the tools to succeed and because of the Urban Clean method and systems it isn’t a question of IF you grow but HOW FAST grow.” 

-Nikita Tawde


Sean Millar started his Urban Clean business in Perth North in 2021 and once he realised the potential, swiftly purchased another franchise in Perth South two months later. 


Today, Sean has 24 franchises across his regions which employ at least 50 people. With business so good, he’s had to employ a full-time state manager and is currently recruiting sales reps to grow the business further. 


In his second year of operating, Sean is earning 5 times what he earned last year – and counting. 


The Urban Clean business model fits my skill sets in sales, customer service and people management. The model is robust, secure and very well thought out, with the right approach to allow for fast, substantial growth and financial security in comparison to some other businesses. Damien Boehm offers a high level of support and leadership and is always making time to help improve my business with valuable advice.” 

-Sean Millar


Urban Clean has become Australia’s Fast Track Factory to the Millionaire’s club.


Founder and CEO Damien Boehm says: 


On Cleaning: 

“I want people to see a cleaning business as a phenomenal business to get involved in. A lot of people look down on the cleaning industry, preferring to get into property development, Tech or AI, but I would say that there’s probably more millionaires in the cleaning industry than any other industry. Among our Urban Clean franchisees, we’ve had lot of people be able to buy houses, have lifestyles that they never thought possible, provide for their children, achieve financial and lifestyle freedom. This is what we’re about and what Urban Clean is achieving.”


On Mentorship in Franchising:

“I’ve always had the view that the best way to pull people up is also to say, ‘hey, this is what I’ve done, these are some of the mistakes I’ve made, these are some of my successes, and here’s how we can help you achieve that. Mentorship is a big part of our franchise system - it’s not just training and coaching, but also mentoring people and being their ongoing support.” 


On People:

“The thing I’ve come to understand is that your success in business is all about people. There is nothing else in business other than people; looking after people, serving people, seeing other people succeed who are in your team, your customers, and your community.”


For further content, visual assets, or interviews with Damien Boehm, (National) Nikita and Shray Tawde (Brisbane) and Sean Millar (Perth) please contact: 


Giulia Sirignani


0452 192690


Robyn Foyster


0408 651219



Key Facts:

Australia’s fastest growing franchise brand is Urban Clean

Founder, CEO, author of "Clean Up with Franchising" is entrepreneur Damien Boehm. 


Contact details:

Giulia Sirignani


0452 192690


Robyn Foyster


0408 651219


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