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CDU EXPERT: Vital to teach students about AI for learning and not plagiarism

Charles Darwin University 2 mins read

9 October, 2023

Who: Charles Darwin University AI expert Dr Stefan Popenici, author of Artificial Intelligence and Learning Futures: Critical Narratives of Technology and Imagination in Higher Education.


  • How Artificial Intelligence is impacting education.
  • The risk AI poses to education and academic integrity.

Contact details: Call +61 8 8946 6721 or email to arrange an interview.

Quotes attributable to Dr Stefan Popenici:

“It was absolutely obvious in January, when ChatGPT made headlines, the kind of problems we can see ahead: a lack of vision, a lack of intellectual courage and depth, and the stubborn effort to use the solutions that were popular in education for the last two decades in a new and substantially different reality.

“The Federal Education Minister made the right observation that students are going to need to learn how to use AI properly in education."

This is absolutely vital for our common future, and we have to find ways to help teachers and students how to use AI for learning and personal development, for intellectual growth and new skills rather than plagiarism and shortcuts in completing assessments and learning.”

“Educators will increasingly discover that old solutions packaged as ‘reforms’ do not provide anything of real use. The need to believe that it is all under control and going well may obscure this problem for a while, but we’ll collectively find that we need to address the uncomfortable parts of how AI impacts education, how it is developed and how those who control it shape education and civil societies.”

“It is encouraging that the first small step of accepting reality, which in this case is that students use AI with or without our approval, is made.”

“The hard part just starts, and it involves something that stands against the status quo and comfortable delusions: intellectual courage and a genuine capacity to deal with some uncomfortable facts. This is the hard part.”

“How prepared we are for this will become clear in the next years, and old formulas and dusty logic cannot help in the same way a good answer for the current challenges cannot be given in 30 seconds by ChatGPT.”

Contact details:

Raphaella Saroukos she/her
Communications Officer
Marketing, Media & Communications
Larrakia Country
T: +61 8 8946 6721

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