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Choosing Quality Over Quantity: This Black Friday, Invest in Lasting Value with Magimix

Magimix Australia Pty Ltd 3 mins read

In today's economic landscape where every dollar counts, it's essential to make wise spending decisions. As Black Friday approaches, we encourage you to be discerning about where and how you invest your hard-earned money. This year, choose quality over quantity and make use of sales to invest in lasting value with Magimix, all while discovering how these top-tier food prep appliances can help you save money in the long run.

One of the most significant areas where quality counts and where you can save significantly in the long term is food preparation. Smart food prep is not just about convenience but also about efficiency and sustainability. Here's how choosing high-quality food prep appliances from Magimix can lead to substantial savings:

  1. Time Efficiency: Magimix food processors and blenders are designed to streamline food preparation. They can chop, slice, blend, and even knead, saving you valuable time in the kitchen. This allows you to prepare meals at home, reducing the need for takeout or dining out, which can quickly add up in costs.
  2. Waste Reduction: The precision and versatility of Magimix appliances ensure that you use every bit of your ingredients, reducing food waste. You'll get more out of your groceries, ultimately saving money by making the most of what you buy.
  3. Healthier Eating: Preparing meals at home with the help of high-quality food prep appliances allows you to control the ingredients and portions. You can make healthier choices, reducing the need for expensive pre-packaged, less healthy options.
  4. Durability: Magimix products are built to last. With proper care, these appliances can serve you for many years. You won't need to replace them frequently, saving you money in the long term.
  5. Versatility: A single Magimix appliance can replace multiple kitchen gadgets. For example, the iconic Magimix food processor can also be used as a blender, juicer, and stand mixer. This versatility ensures that you can do more with less, saving you both money and storage space.

As you explore the amazing Black Friday deals around, consider the broader financial impact of investing in quality food prep appliances. By making these thoughtful choices, you can not only enjoy the convenience and pleasure of culinary creativity but also make significant savings over time.

This Black Friday, make the commitment to quality, and you will find that it's not just about owning top-tier appliances but also about improving your overall financial well-being through efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective food preparation.

To discover the full range of Magimix products and find the best Black Friday deals, visit or visit our authorised retailers. Embrace quality, sustainability, and savings with Magimix this Black Friday.

Magimix appliances and accessories are available at David Jones, Myer, Kitchen Warehouse, Peters of Kensington, selected high end kitchen shops and online through



Key Facts:

In today's economic landscape, invest in lasting value this Black Friday with Magimix. Here's why:

1. Cooking from home is made faster and more convenient, reducing the need for takeaway

2. The right tools can help reduce food waste, making your groceries go for longer. 

3. Magimix appliances are designed to be multifunctional, functioning as several appliances in one. 

4. Magimix appliances are built better to last longer, and can be used and passed on for decades. 

About us:

About Magimix

Born out of Burgundy, an internationally renowned region for gastronomy, Magimix has been designing and making high-quality premium kitchen appliances for 50 years. With our roots in professional products designed for commercial use, creating great quality food is at the heart of everything we do - providing a helping hand to ensure all kitchen needs are met - be it slicing, grating, chopping, whisking, juicing, blending or kneading. As the inventors of the World's first Food Processor, we continue to focus on combining the best cooking traditions with today’s technology across our entire product range. To many, the enduring appeal of Magimix is that its products are built better to last longer – a statement strengthened by the longest guarantees and best after-sale service. Magimix has been an eco-friendly company since the very beginning, respecting its basic aim of designing and making simple, efficient, lasting products. The world’s top restaurants use the professional versions of our products and true to our origins, are always at the forefront of innovation. Designed and made in France, Magimix is the perfect aid for all your food preparations.

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