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DS3-Global granted Australian Patent for Revolutionary DROPS Solution, Redefining Emergency Accommodation for Displaced Communities

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DS3-Global granted Australian Patent for Revolutionary DROPS Solution, Redefining Emergency Accommodation for Displaced Communities 

Melbourne, Australia — 4 October 2023 – DS3-Global, an innovative Australian company changing the delivering of humanitarian aid, is thrilled to announce the granting of an Australian patent for its groundbreaking DROPS solution. This patent underscores the uniqueness and innovation of DROPS, a transformative system designed to provide rapid and reliable emergency accommodation for displaced communities during times of crisis. 

The DROPS solution, now officially patented in Australia, brings several key benefits to the forefront: 

  • Unique Modular Design: DROPS introduces a revolutionary modular design, allowing for scalable and customisable emergency shelters. This adaptability ensures that shelter units can be tailored to suit diverse community sizes and requirements, making it a versatile solution for various emergency situations. 

  • Waterproof Flooring: DROPS features a waterproof flooring system, providing a robust barrier against water infiltration. This essential feature guarantees that occupants remain dry and secure, even in adverse weather conditions, offering a level of comfort and safety not available with the traditional tent offering. 

  • Durable Covering Material: The shelters are constructed using highly durable materials that are both weather-resistant and long-lasting. This durability ensures the shelters can withstand harsh environmental conditions, offering sustained protection to displaced individuals and families over an extended period. 

  • Lightweight Design: DROPS stands out with its lightweight construction, enabling swift transportation and deployment to disaster-affected areas. The lightweight design simplifies logistics and allows for rapid response, facilitating efficient and timely delivery of emergency shelter to those in urgent need. 

  • Ease and Speed of Assembly: DROPS shelters are designed for easy and rapid assembly. With user-friendly instructions and an intuitive layout, each shelter can be quickly erected in 15-20 minutes. This streamlined assembly process significantly reduces response time, enabling displaced communities to access safe and secure accommodation swiftly. 

 "This patent recognition is a testament to DS3-Global's commitment to innovation and humanitarian excellence," said Peter Hines, Founder of DS3-Global. "The DROPS solution represents a significant leap forward in emergency accommodation, ensuring that displaced communities receive the support they need swiftly and efficiently. We are proud to lead the way in redefining disaster relief efforts." 

DS3-Global's patented DROPS solution is set to create a new standard in emergency accommodation, providing a lifeline for displaced communities worldwide. This outcome will position both DS3-Global and Australia as an innovator in the delivery of humanitarian aid. 

For media inquiries, please contact: 

Jessica Friedman 
Communications Manager 
Phone: +61 411 439 236 

About DS3-Global: 

DS3-Global is an innovative Australian company changing the delivery of humanitarian aid. Through innovation, social impact, and sustainability, DS3-Global strives to create transformative solutions that empower communities and improve lives in times of crisis. 

Press Kit: 

High-resolution images and additional information about DROPS are available in the DS3-Global press kit, accessible at DS3-Global Media Kit. 


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