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Finally the answer to the dreaded paper straw

The Only Straw 2 mins read

Australians use approximately 10 million straws per day or on average 3.5 billion per year. (source: war on waste

The ban of the plastic straws was a great direction forward without the plastic waste that can last up to 400 years in the environment. Now we are left with the roll out of sub-standard paper straws unfortunately that have been proven to be no better for our environment than their plastic counterparts with tests results from 3 different studies showing levels of plastics and PFAS or forever chemicals being used to resist moisture or liquids.

(source: )

While working running eco resorts in Lombok Indonesia and the concern of what plastic was washing up on the beachfront everyday, Glenn Dawson set out to change the way drinking straws were used and disposed of.

Today The Only Straw is at the forefront of making a difference with our rice and tapioca straws.

Our straws are unique in the way they are a specially baked noodle that will break down in any environment and are perfect for home composts disappearing without a trace.

Marine and wildlife friendly our straws last in a drink for well over 45 minutes and then begin to break down. Gluten free and vegan friendly makes them available for everyone to use.

"Straws that last in your drink and not our environment"

Key Facts:

               100% degradable and home compostable

               Made from waste grains not suitable for the rice market

•          Gluten-free and vegan friendly

                Zero waste and ethically produced

                Last in a drink for over 45 minutes without going soggy

               Edible for all types of wildlife and marine life

               Has no taste or after taste

               Tested and FDA approved, ISO 22000 Certified



About us:

The Only Straw began back in 2013 to find a suitable alternative that worked. After trying all the reusable straws, bio-plastic straws and paper straws we discovered nothing was viable to a need for a disposable straw. Why we always advocate for no straw at all, in some situations this is not possible and the number of straws used every day proves this. After many years and many trials, Glenn found a pasta straw in Vietnam that was also gluten-free due to rice flour instead of conventional flour that contains gluten. Since this discovery, Glenn has been instrumental in the baking process to strengthen the noodles into straws suitable for drinking.

Contact details:

Glenn Dawson

Founder Director The Only Straw


Mob: +61 0412 025 263

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