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Gaming and finance join forces to transform digital business

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Avid gamers and aspiring finance professionals can discover the emerging field of Gaming Finance and learn how gaming can be harnessed to create new business models and opportunities through RMIT’s new course – GameFi in the Web World.  

GameFi combines elements of blockchain technology, decentralised finance, and gaming to explore innovative business models and opportunities.  

Head of Learning for RMIT Digital3, Stuart Thomas, said GameFi is about blockchain and Web3-based platforms where users play online games with the potential to earn money and make an income by trading and gaming with digital assets like crypto tokens or NFTs.   

"It caters to a diverse range of interests, including seasoned gamers keen on exploring new economic models or finance professionals looking to step into the world of gaming," Thomas said.

“Learners will gain the knowledge they need to navigate this exciting new intersection of games and business."

“From the fundamentals of gaming in the era of Web3 to the new frontier of in-game economies and business models, there are a range of cutting-edge digital developments transforming gaming, finance, and gaming finance.” 

The Web3 decentralized model is appealing to gamers, as it allows for community ownership and the unlocking of value for game developers, investors, and players. This is in contrast to Web2 games, typically owned by a single company that controls and owns the revenue and data. 

Thomas said RMIT stands at the forefront of this revolution, equipping the next generation of GameFi professionals.  

“GameFi is not just another buzzword; it represents a transformative intersection of gaming and finance,” Thomas said. 

People with a basic understanding of blockchain technology, and an active interest in gaming, gamification or finance, can access the course at Future Learn. 

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