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IperionX Limited (NASDAQ: IPX, ASX: IPX) has agreed an order with GKN Aerospace for the delivery of titanium plate test components manufactured with IperionX’s advanced titanium technologies.

GKN Aerospace is the world’s leading multi-technology ‘Tier-1’ aerospace supplier and serves over 90% of the world’s aircraft and engine manufacturers, designing and manufacturing innovative smart aerospace systems and components. Titanium is a critical material for many aerospace systems and GKN Aerospace is a world leader in manufacturing complex titanium components for civil aerospace, space and military markets, including the Airbus A320/A330, Boeing B777/B787, Lockheed Martin F-16 and F-35 Lightning, and the Ariane 6 rocket engine.

The collaboration with GKN Aerospace builds on the successful testing and validation of IperionX 100% recycled titanium powder made from GKN scrap titanium feedstocks. This latest commercial partnership focuses on the manufacturing of high-performance titanium plate for testing by GKN Aerospace, which may also form part of further collaboration efforts between GKN Aerospace and IperionX – including projects linked to the U.S. Department of Defense.


Innovative Manufacturing Technology

GKN Aerospace’s titanium plate components will be manufactured with IperionX’s advanced titanium angular powder and powder metallurgy techniques.

To deliver titanium components with higher performance and durability, IperionX will employ its patented Hydrogen Sintering and Phase Transformation (HSPT) technologies, a cutting-edge process to enhance the microstructure of titanium to deliver strength and fatigue properties that are comparable to wrought titanium alloys.

IperionX offers a wide range of high-performance titanium powder and products that can be tailored to meet the exacting demands of the aerospace, defense, space, hydrogen, automotive and consumer electronics sectors. These advanced manufacturing capabilities include traditional titanium plate, bar and rod products and highperformance ‘near-net shape’ titanium components to improve manufacturing productivity and sustainability.


A Sustainable U.S. Titanium Supply Chain

Titanium is prized for its high strength-to-weight ratio and its resistance to high temperatures and corrosion. Titanium has been mass produced in the same way since the 1940’s when the existing ‘Kroll Process’ was developed. Titanium produced from the Kroll Process is energy and cost-intensive and produces high levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

IperionX’s patented titanium production and manufacturing technologies can produce high-strength titanium products, with lower energy and costs, and at zero Scope 1 and 2 emissions1 .

The United States has limited domestic primary titanium metal production capacity, and the U.S. currently imports over 95% of the primary titanium metal required for its advanced industries. IperionX intends to re-shore titanium mineral and metal production in the U.S., reduce the acute reliance on primary titanium imports from foreign nations and strengthen the supply chain with lower cost and more sustainable titanium products.

“GKN Aerospace is a leader in sustainability and the precision manufacturing of titanium components for the aerospace, space and military markets” said Taso Arima, CEO of IperionX. “We are very proud to be working with GKN Aerospace to commercialize our market leading high-performance and sustainable titanium products.”


About us:

About IperionX

IperionX aims to become a leading American titanium metal and critical materials company – using patented metal technologies to produce high performance titanium alloys, from titanium minerals or scrap titanium, at lower energy, cost and carbon emissions.

Our Titan critical minerals project is the largest known titanium, rare earth and zircon JORC compliant mineral resource in the United States.

IperionX’s titanium metal and critical minerals are important for advanced U.S. industries including space, aerospace, defense, consumer electronics, hydrogen, electric vehicles and additive manufacturing. 

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