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Koalas: Australia’s Love Language

Australian Koala Foundation 2 mins read
Australian Koala Foundation Koala Collection

The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF), the leading non-profit NGO dedicated to the conservation and management of the wild koala and its habitat, unveils a heartwarming collection of Koala-themed treasures donated by supporters.

These items, including plush toys, statues, and artworks, celebrate the Koala’s status as a beloved Australian icon and inspire both creativity and affection from people worldwide.

Koalas, with their endearing appearance, have long held a special place in the hearts of Australians and visitors alike. Their influence as an emblematic symbol of Australia has transcended borders, captivating the imaginations of people from around the world.

In particular, Koala plush toys serve as cherished souvenirs, reminding visitors of Australia’s unique wildlife.

The AKF’s collection of koala-themed items, boasts an array of plush toys, some lovingly handmade, others bursting with colour, and some are so lifelike. This diverse collection mirrors the rich personalities of wild Koalas.

Deborah Tabart OAM, Chair of the AKF, said Koalas are an Australian icon and need to be protected.

“These donations are true testaments to how much the Koala is cherished in Australia,” Tabart said.

“They emphasise the deep connection people have with these gentle creatures and the need for us to protect them for future generations.”

Beyond this cherished Koala collection, the AKF invites everyone to actively participate in Koala conservation efforts.

People can do so by shopping for their own koala-themed gift at the online Save the Koala Shop or instore at 23 Stephen Street, Warialda NSW. There are multiple options available to choose from, including Evie Eco Koala, a delightful plush toy made entirely from 100% recycled materials. People can do so by shopping for their own koala-themed gift at the online Save the Koala Shop or instore at 23 Stephen Street, Warialda NSW. There are multiple options available to choose from, including Evie Eco Koala, a delightful plush toy made entirely from 100% recycled materials. 

Evie Eco Koala is perfect if you want to bring home a piece of Australia’s wildlife heritage while directly supporting the Koala and Koala habitat preservation.

In a world where the love for the Koala knows no limits, the AKF continues to pioneer efforts such as the Koala Habitat Atlas and Koala Kiss Project, ensuring the survival of the Koala.

The AKF collection serves as a testament to the enduring charm of Koalas and the creative ways people express their adoration, all while advancing vital research and conservation initiatives.


Key Facts:

- Australian Koala Foundation supporters have donated handmade koala-themed items 

- These donations are testaments to how much the Koala is cherised in Australia

- Koala plush toys remind visitors of Australia's unique wildlife

About us:

About the Australian Koala Foundation

The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is the principal non-profit, non-government organisation dedicated to the conservation and effective management of the wild koala and its habitat. AKF aims to refine and update the Koala Habitat Atlas mapping of all wild Koala habitat and to get the Koala Protection Act enacted, ensuring longevity of Koalas and their habitat.

Contact details:

Media Contact:
Mobile: 0428 104 255
Office: (07) 3229 7233


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