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Olympic Champion Neil Brooks Questions QPP Indictment and Legal Process

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Brisbane, AUS, 5th October 2023 -

Neil Brooks, Olympic Gold Medalist, and media personality, and his wife, Linda Brooks, are deeply troubled by the recent indictment by the Queensland Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP). Each on one count of Fraud.

Crucially, neither Neil Brooks nor Linda Brooks has been formally or informally interviewed by the police at any point during the last 15 years, and notably, not in the six years since the initial charges were filed in 2017.

During this challenging six-year period, the case has passed through the hands of no fewer than eight different prosecutors before reaching the committal stage. Following a two-day committal hearing, the Brooks' legal team initiated a meeting with the DPP to discuss their views on the case against the Brooks. Both the Brooks and their legal team were confident their submission would clear their names.

Despite numerous attempts by the legal team to initiate this meeting, they received a response advising them that the prosecutor who handled the committal proceedings was no longer handling the case.

Shockingly, the Brooks' legal team reached out once more to the DPP to ascertain the status of the case, only to be informed just yesterday that an indictment would proceed today. It was revealed during these communications that the new prosecutor had, in fact, not read the committal transcripts, nor reviewed the brief of evidence. Instead, they intend to indict on a charge with supporting facts, inconsistent with evidence produced during the committal hearing, but in line with the original police allegations.

This recent revelation casts serious doubt on the professionalism and integrity of the DPP's and the legal process. The Brooks' legal team understands now, that this matter has been indicted without a thorough review of the brief of evidence, including the committal transcripts or previous submissions made to the DPP.

These committal transcripts contain vital information highlighting the lack of credibility and evidence from the complainants, the police, and other witnesses involved in the proceedings. Both the Brooks and their legal team firmly believe that these transcripts unequivocally vindicate their names.

The Brooks are deeply concerned that their right to a fair trial has been compromised in a country known for its commitment to justice and due process. It is astounding that an indictment has been pursued without the prosecutor taking the time to thoroughly examine the evidence in its entirety, given the profound impact such actions have on the lives of the Brooks, their children, extended relatives, businesses, employees, and the high stakes involved.

The Brooks have remained steadfast in their position that the business dispute, which initially arose in 2008 and is at the heart of these allegations, was previously resolved through legal proceedings. In those proceedings, a judge ruled in favour of the Brooks and awarded costs against Glenn & Carole Melcheck.

To date, the Melchecks have never initiated civil proceedings against the Brooks. Instead, they have chosen to reach out to the media on numerous occasions in an attempt to damage their reputation.

Melchecks only made their complaint to Police, Eight years after their business dispute. This complaint was prompted by the Melchecks initiating civil proceedings against a third party in which the Brooks were not party to.

Neil Brooks and Linda Brooks remain resolute in their faith in the Australian legal system and remain committed to clearing their names. They express their heartfelt gratitude to their supporters, friends, and family for their unwavering support throughout this arduous ordeal.



About us:

Neil Brooks is a highly regarded media personality and Olympic Gold Medalist, celebrated for his exceptional achievements in swimming. With a long and distinguished career in sports, media, and entertainment, Neil Brooks has been an inspiration to many.

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