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Turium.Ai Unveils Zebra: The World’s First Human AI Twin, Elevating Generative AI for Enterprises

Xanna.Ai 2 mins read
Turium.Ai - The World first AI twin

Canberra, Australia — October 4, 2023


In a groundbreaking advancement in the field of Generative AI, Turium.Ai in partnership with Professional Services company, Xaana.Ai proudly announces the launch of Zebra, the world’s first Human AI Twin, meticulously engineered to bridge the critical gaps in existing AI solutions and to pave a new way forward in personalised, secure, and limitless enterprise AI applications. 


Addressing the Critical Gaps in Generative AI


In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, enterprises globally have sought to harness the full capabilities of generative AI. However, the existing solutions have often fallen short, providing generic, one-size-fits-all responses, lacking in-depth customisation, and failing to integrate comprehensively with an enterprise’s complete data and application ecosystem. Moreover, concerns over data security, transparency, and the inability to provide truly personalised and industry-specific responses have been persistent issues.


Zebra: A Necessity-Driven Innovation in Generative AI


Zebra is not merely an innovation, it is a necessity-driven solution designed to elevate enterprise productivity by offering a Human AI Twin that intuitively understands and adapts to unique challenges, industries, and roles. It ensures that every interaction and piece of knowledge generated is not only accurate but also resonates with your unique voice and perspective, providing a truly personalised AI experience.


Zebra’s Distinctive Edge: Security, Performance, Customisation, and Transparency


Customisation: Zebra seamlessly connects to your entire productivity stack, ensuring a tailor-fit to your organisation needs with pre-built enterprise connectors. Giving you role-based and industry-based personalisation, an AI experience that will boost your productivity. 


Enterprise-grade Security: Zebra prioritises your data, its confidentiality and its security, with all interactions encrypted and robust role-based access controls in place.


Unprecedented Performance: Zebra removes usage caps and delivers up to two times faster performance than traditional generative AI applications, empowering both technical and functional teams to analyse information in seconds because of its patented Turium Neural Network technology used inside Zebra.


Transparency: Zebra introduces the “Show-me” feature, enabling traceability by showing citations for every response generated, ensuring transparency and traceability in AI-generated responses.


About Turium.Ai


Turium's technology are the virtual twins of distributed neurons in the brain, linking historically siloed, disconnected systems to power smarter, more informed operations. 

The unique architecture and learning capabilities of our products result in an unprecedented level of speed, interoperability, and security for AI and automation applications. This advances us closer to the ultimate goal of AGI — creating systems capable of autonomously learning from their environment and transferring that learning to novel situations. 


Turium.Ai has rapidly ascended as an industry-leading provider of Enterprise AI, serving clients across over 50+ federal government agencies and large conglomerate companies such as Bunnings, Kmart, and Shell Petroleum. At its core, the company embraces a strong ethos of Collaborative Intelligence (CINTEL), believing that technology should be used to maximise human capability, not replace it.


With innovative solutions like Zebra, Turium.Ai stands at the forefront of leveraging AI to enhance enterprise operations, providing solutions that are not merely intelligent but also secure, reliable, and tailored to every user’s unique needs.




Contact details:

Matthew Andrews

Partner - Xaana.Ai | Turium.Ai

0401717117 | 02 6116 8099


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