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UniCote® Steel: A Transformative Force in the Australian Steel Industry

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UniCote®: A Rising Force in the Australian Steel Industry

UniCote®, the Australian leader in premium coloured steel solutions, is making waves in the steel industry with a dynamic brand refresh and a groundbreaking market offer that challenges conventions.

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Key Highlights:

1. Beyond Colour - A Transformation Unveiled:

UniCote® introduces a bold brand refresh and an innovative approach that redefines the steel industry. This transformation challenges the status quo and pushes the boundaries of steel, colour, architecture, and design.

2. Answering the Call for Innovation and Choice:

UniCote® responds to industry stakeholders' desire for heightened innovation and choice. The mission is to provide Australians with a top-tier coloured steel and metal solution, driven by unwavering dedication to innovation and quality.

3. A Diverse Palette of Over 70 Colours and Textured Patterns:

UniCote® offers a wide range of colours and patterns, including classic and contemporary shades. The 'Tasman range features 39 colours inspired by the Pacific Region New Zealand landscape, while UniCote® LUX offers unique patterned and textured steel finishes.

4. UniCote® - The Australian Steel Game Changer:

UniCote® introduces a Four-Tier Steel Solution (Select, Coastal, Extreme, and LUX) for architects, builders, and designers. It offers versatility, striking patterns and colours, personalised service, and genuine choice.

5. A Modern and Fresh Approach:

UniCote's fresh palette, updated typography, and revitalised logo draw inspiration from Australia's landscapes. This reflects a commitment to lead the Australian market and presents a forward-thinking and bold look.

6. Explore the Future on UNICOTE.COM.AU:

UniCote's brand-new website, UNICOTE.COM.AU, simplifies the exploration of profiles, applications, and steel solutions. It offers a wide range of patterns and colour palettes and features sharp project photography and intuitive layouts.

7. Shaping a New Dawn in Steel Excellence:

UniCote® invites stakeholders in the building and design sector to join in shaping the future. The company aims to introduce thrilling possibilities for steel and aluminium, driven by a commitment to excellence.

8. Quote from James Gregory, General Manager for Marketing & Innovation:

"What excites us most about this re-branding journey is the opportunity to continually engage with all stakeholders in the building and design sector. We aim to share our knowledge and introduce thrilling new possibilities for steel and aluminium that we believe will shape the next wave of design in this industry. While the industry has had access to a quality product for quite some time now, we’re excited about what lies ahead and possibilities as we dawn on our 10-year anniversary."

For Media Inquiries, Please Contact:

Email: Nat Ward – Communications & Marketing Representative Email:

Join UniCote® in reshaping the steel landscape.

Explore our re-brand in detail with the following links and resources:


Supporting Articles & Resources

  • Article: Full Press Release: Announcing UniCotes' New Market Offering: Link
  • Interview: Unicotes' New Brand Identity: 5 Key Questions Answered: Link
  • Video: New Logo Unveiling: Video: Link 

Key Facts:
  • UniCote®, the Australian leader in premium coloured steel solutions, is undergoing a bold brand refresh and innovative approach.
  • UniCote® aims to challenge industry giants and redefine steel, colour, architecture, and design.
  • The company is responding to industry demand for innovation and choice in coloured steel and metal solutions.
  • UniCote® offers over 70 colors and textured patterns, including the 'Tasman' range inspired by the Pacific Region New Zealand landscape and UniCote® LUX with unique patterned and textured steel finishes.
  • UniCote® delivers a Four-Tier Steel Solution: Select, Coastal, Extreme, and LUX, offering versatility, striking patterns, personalized service, and genuine choice.
  • The brand's fresh palette, updated typography, and revitalized logo draw inspiration from Australia's landscapes, reflecting a commitment to leading the Australian market.
  • The rebrand includes a new website, UNICOTE.COM.AU, offering patterns, color palettes, and easy exploration of profiles, applications, and steel solutions.
  • UniCote® aims to shape the future of steel and aluminium design, engaging stakeholders in the building and design sector.
  • James Gregory, General Manager for Marketing & Innovation, expresses excitement about the possibilities for the next 50 years in the industry.
  • UniCote® invites industry stakeholders to join them in reshaping the steel landscape.

About us:

About Us / UniCote

[Business Bio Heading] UniCote® Steel: Redefining Excellence in Australian Architecture

[Anniversary Highlight] Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence

[Our Journey] 

For nearly a decade, UniCote® Steel has been the trusted choice of Australians when it comes to safeguarding their most prized possessions or bringing visionary designs to life. Over this remarkable journey, we've become known and loved for our unwavering commitment to superior quality, unparalleled performance, and innovative solutions.

[A Versatile Solution] 

While we are extremely popular for roofing applications, UniCote® goes beyond that. It's increasingly gaining popularity as an exterior cladding material, offering a contemporary aesthetic that pairs seamlessly with materials like wood and concrete. From barn-like structures to industrial-chic designs, UniCote® unlocks limitless architectural possibilities.


[Designed for Australia's Landscapes] 

Australia's diverse landscapes, from the sun-drenched outback to rugged coastal zones, demand versatile solutions. No matter your location or project, UniCote® has you covered. Our colour range draws inspiration from Australia's stunning landscapes, offering timeless classics and trendy hues. We also lean into our innovative nature by introducing unique patterned and textured finishes.


[Innovation in Design] 

At UniCote®, we understand that design trends evolve, and technology continually enhances the performance of steel building materials. In 2019, we made a resounding statement of innovation and design prowess by introducing one of the very first patterned and textured painted steels – UniCote® LUX. This ground-breaking product caters to the emerging trends in modern home design across Australia, setting new benchmarks in aesthetics and durability.


[The Force Behind UniCote®]

UniCote® was developed as the result of a formidable partnership between two industry leaders – Selection Steel and Dongkuk Steel.


[Selection Steel: Australian Owned, Independently Operated, Trusted Since 1971] 

Selection Steel, an Australian-owned and independently operated company, has been a cornerstone of the industry since 1971. With over four decades of experience, Selection Steel is the name professionals trust and recommend for pre-painted colour steel in the Australian market. Our company's foundation is deeply rooted in a commitment to customer service, a culture that has grown to span the entirety of Australia. We are privately owned and operated, with a relentless focus on exceeding customer expectations and ensuring that our legacy of excellence endures.


[Dongkuk Steel: Leading the Way Since 1954, Shaping the Future of Pre-Painted Color Steel] 

Dongkuk Steel, a renowned leader in the Korean steel market since 1954, has been at the forefront of colour steel production for over five decades. Their unwavering dedication to innovation in pre-painted colour steel continually pushes the boundaries of technological advancement. Dongkuk Steel proudly counts industry giants like Samsung, Whirlpool, and Electrolux among its key customers. Currently, Dongkuk produces over a staggering 900,000 tonnes of colour steel annually, with an unyielding vision to remain the world's premier pre-painted steel company.


[Our Commitment to You] 

At UniCote®, we transcend the conventional role of a steel company; we become your steadfast partner in turning your architectural dreams into reality. Our dedicated team is unwavering in its commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability as we collaboratively redefine the possibilities of coloured steel. With UniCote®, you're not just constructing structures; you're forging legacies, enhancing steel's strength, beauty, and sustainability. Our mission is to reshape the very essence of steel within the Australian landscape.


[Anniversary Message] 

As we celebrate a decade of excellence in 2024, thank you for choosing UniCote® Steel as your partner in innovation and design. Together, we will continue to shape the future of steel and set new standards of excellence for generations to come.

Contact details:

PR Contact | CRep | Nat Ward 

PR & Media Rep: Brand: UniCote 

PR & Media Rep: Company: Selection Steel 

Email Phone | Linkedin (personal) | Linkedin (unicote)| Behance Portfolio


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