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Will the US writers’ strike agreement be a beacon for Australia?

RMIT University 2 mins read

A film expert from RMIT is available to talk about the end of the US writers’ strike and what it could mean for Australia and the rest of the world.  

Topics: US writers’ strike, payment for writers, AI in film and television, streaming services 

Dr Mark Poole, Senior Lecturer, Media and Communication 

“Although the decision to end the writers’ strike only affects Hollywood productions, there will certainly be ramifications throughout the world as non-US industries are heavily influenced by Hollywood practices.  

“The Writers’ Guild of America (WGA) were mainly concerned about two key issues: the diminishing pay for working writers (especially due to streaming services) and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in screenwriting. 

“The first key issue was dealt with through offers of more payment for writers, including from streaming services like Netflix and Disney.  

“The second issue was resolved by recognising that AI cannot be regarded as a writer. Therefore, any material written by AI cannot be credited and won’t be counted for determining a writer’s compensation. 

“Additionally, production companies are now required to disclose to writers if any source material has been generated or incorporates AI.  

“A writer can choose to use AI when performing writing services, but a production company cannot force a writer to use AI software to perform writing services. 

“The various guilds in Australia such as the Australian Writer’s Guild and Australian Directors’ Guild are currently studying the WGA agreement to glean the implications for Australia.  

“Since many international productions, especially Australia, have US partners, it is expected that the US agreement will be a beacon for other countries’ policies. 

“It is important to note that the Screen Actors’ Guild (SAG-AFTRA) action, or the actors’ strike, is still ongoing and many productions are still in limbo.” 

Dr Mark Poole’s teaching covers screenwriting, documentary, and media. He has an extensive career as a writer, director and producer in film and television. 

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