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WORLD-FIRST: Aussie AI Platform Saving Parents Thousands in Tutoring Fees

Zookal 3 mins read
Ahmed Haider, CEO and Co-Founder Zookal

Australian EdTech company Zookal has launched a world-first, AI powered tutoring platform that provides Aussie parents a cost-effective alternative to costly hourly tutoring fees for their kids.

Rolling out nationwide this week, Zookal Genius uses the power and accuracy of AI to support learning and study for Aussie students at a fraction of the price of a human tutor.

The platform is capable of calibrating over 3.8 million pieces of exam content, doing mathematics equations and calculations 25% more accurately than ChatGPT, can render visual content including equations, graphs, charts, images, diagrams and chemical compounds and generates more than 10,000 new exam questions per week. 

Parents are paying up to $230 an hour in some instances for one-on-one tutoring for final year exams, however, for just $9.99 per month, Aussie students will have unlimited annual access to ‘Zookie’ the AI astronaut tutor, a welcome relief to parents wanting to invest in their children’s education but struggling with an increased cost of living.

“At Zookal, we wanted to increase access to quality education for Aussie students, making it an affordable, comprehensive and personalised learning experience,” said Ahmed Haider, CEO and Co-Founder of Zookal.

Specifically designed to prevent students from cheating, Zookal Genius is safe to implement in schools and colleges globally. The platform currently has 37 subjects currently available including English, Mathematics, Biology, History, PDHPE, Engineering, Drama, Legal Studies and Visual Arts, with more added daily. 

“We are taking a truly different direction from other companies in this space. Most AI tutors are just ChatGPT dressed up in different clothing, Zookal Genius has been built from the ground up to meet the exam format challenge that students actually face,” said Haider.

With more than 200,000 Australian students sitting their final year exams each year, the platform’s Exam Prep function provides students with an AI at their fingertips to give them extra learning support during HSC, VCE and QCE. The tool is tailored to each state and subject's syllabus, ensuring the information is accurate and relevant to users.

“Zookal Genius isn’t just accurate, it provides instantaneous answers and results and uses incredibly advanced technology to recreate the exam experience. Utilising the current 2023 syllabus and curriculum, equivalent past papers, a constantly increasing data set and the power of AI which adheres to academic integrity guidelines, we’ve created something powerful, positive and life changing for students and their families,” said Haider.

Global expansion is on the horizon for Zookal Genius, with the product set to launch globally in 2024, including the United States in advance of the SAT exams.

“Until now, there has been a real pressure on students to trawl through past papers and find their own questions, and an increased workload for teachers who are required to support students by creating additional questions and marking these quickly while also teaching full time in classrooms,” said Haider.

The proprietary technology has been six years in development, and harnesses the power of Large Language Models (LLMs), while integrating the best features from Meta, Google, Microsoft and Open AI. Zookal Exam Prep Genius addresses the challenges and limitations associated with AI Chatbots, offering something far more advanced.

“The proof is in the final product; we’ve demonstrated that formal education and AI are not mutually exclusive and have done so over a breadth of subjects and disciplines. There is limitless potential that Zookal Genius holds for the future of education in Australia and globally, offering a safe and secure learning journey with unprecedented accuracy. Our technology could be the key to unlocking improved exam results for Aussie students and increasing confidence as students file into the exam rooms in the coming weeks,” said Haider.

Zookal, a leading EdTech company headquartered in Singapore, was initially founded in Australia with a mission to transform education through innovative technology. The company was established by a group of students who identified the need for affordable, accessible, and effective educational resources. Over the past decade, Zookal has successfully created a diverse suite of products and services that have served over a million students worldwide. These offerings range from digital textbooks and online tutoring to study guides and exam preparation tools, all designed to support students in their academic journey. The recent introduction of ZOOKAL GENIUSTM AI, an advanced AI-powered learning engine, marks a significant milestone in Zookal's continuous innovation. This state-of-the-art tool surpasses conventional learning models by providing multi-modal content, ensuring academic integrity, and offering personalised learning experiences.

Key Facts:

- World-first, AI-powered platform saving parents thousands on tutoring fees annually.

- Provides greater access to tutors for regional students, and is a cost-effective solution for families with multiple kids.

- 37 subjects are currently available including English, Mathematics, Biology, History, PDHPE, Engineering, Drama, Legal Studies and Visual Arts, with more added daily. 

- Tailored content for each state and subject's syllabus, ensuring the information is accurate and relevant to students.  


- Designed to prevent students from cheating, Zookal Genius is safe to implement in schools and colleges globally.

Contact details:

Soraya Calavassy // // +61 434 612 018 


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