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Australian Declaration to address transgender extremism

The Declaration of Biological Truth Australia 2 mins read
A Statement in support of Biological Reality

Australians can now sign a Declaration of Biological Truth to express their concern about the impact of gender identity ideology on Australian society.

The Australian Declaration is based on the UK Document launched in early November by London based Lawyer and Psychologist James Esses. The UK Declaration has been modified and registered for Australia by Phil Dye, a past educator in the School of Medical Sciences at UNSW and host of the Marking the Role podcast for Australian teachers.

Signing the declaration is free. Australians can sign as a public individual or organisation where the individual’s name or group name is public.

Doctors, teachers, and other individuals who are gagged from publicly talking about gender identity issues can sign as a private individual where their name is hidden.

Research by Compass Polling in October revealed that 74% of Australians oppose the use of irreversible puberty blockers or surgery on children under 18. 78% of Australians are opposed to primary school children being told they can change their sex and gender.

The topics in the Australian Declaration are:

  • Child safety:  
    Children with gender dysphoria should never be prescribed puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones and no person should be compelled to affirm a child’s desire to transition. Schools should teach biological reality, that sex is binary and that no one is born in the wrong body.
  • Women’s Rights:
    The declaration insists that the Sex Discrimination Act make it clear that sex means biological sex. Self ID should never become law and women’s single-sex spaces must be preserved. Men who identify as women cannot play in women’s sports.
  • Freedom of Speech and Public Sector Neutrality:
    There should be no requirement to use ‘preferred’ pronouns and public sector employees must remain ideologically neutral. Biological reality and its associated language must be protected.
  • LGB without the ‘T’:
    LGB people have persistently been told that ‘There is no LGB without the T’. The term LGB refers to sexual orientation and is separate from gender identity. LGB should have the right to assemble without the ‘T’ and not be accused of transphobia.

Phil Dye, who initiated the Australian declaration said “The Declaration is not trans-phobic yet lets Australians make a statement about the slow creep of radical gender ideology into Australian life.

“My Grandfather was a transvestite, but he would have opposed drugs, surgery and the teaching of trans-ideology in schools. Being inclusive doesn’t mean not having limits.” Dye said.

This declaration could act as a submission to parliament, an illustration of Australian sentiment to media, or evidence to state and federal politicians. It also gives those who feel silenced in their ability to speak up on the issue the chance to have their voice heard.

The declaration can be viewed at



Phil Dye contact: or phone 0412 678 179

James Esses website:

The UK Declaration:

Compass Research:


About us:

Th Declaration of Biological Truth Australia is a docuent in support of biological reality. We are a group of concerned citizens from a wide range of backgrounds and professions in Australia. We have very serious and growing concerns about the impact that gender identity ideology is having on all aspects of public life.

 Based on the UK Declaration initiated by James Esses, this Australian Declaration aims to demonstrate to politicians, corporations and decision makers the strength of feeling that Australians have about the detrimental impact of gender identity ideology on society.

Contact details:

Phil Dye contact: or phone 0412 678 179


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