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Australia’s first inflation-fighting, income-generating investment portfolios unveiled

Stockspot 3 mins read

Stockspot, Australia’s first and largest online investment adviser, is taking the sting out of inflation and the cost of living by launching the Inflation Portfolio and the Income Portfolio.

“We’re thrilled to be launching these two new innovative portfolio options for our clients that are a first in Australia,” Stockspot founder and CEO, Chris Brycki said.

Mr Brycki said that these two portfolios were created in response to client feedback and the investing landscape.

“We’re in regular contact with our clients and the two strongest themes emerging from those discussions have been how to generate income and how to fight inflation.

“In response to this feedback and with a rapidly shifting investment landscape, we designed these portfolio options to meet our clients’ goals.

“The Income Portfolio will meet our growing clients’ needs of how to provide higher levels of income, especially for those approaching retirement. It aims to help investors generate higher regular income while keeping the potential for long-term capital growth. It’s great for investors who might be worried that their age pension might not be enough to live off. Or for those investors who are worried that they’ll outlive their superannuation balance.

“The Inflation Portfolio is designed to help clients with long-term investing goals of maintaining their purchasing power during the current environment of persistent inflation. It invests in a diverse range of assets historically known to provide robust inflation protection such as commodities, resource shares, precious metals, infrastructure and inflation-protected bonds.

“Our team has studied decades of research to determine what goes into each portfolio.

“For the Income Portfolio, we wanted clients to avoid the lure of high yield investments which are generally too good to be true. These products generally promise a high dividend, but at the cost of much higher risk and a lack of capital growth.


“For our Inflation Portfolio, we looked at the return, risk and correlation between different asset classes. What history shows us is that during periods of high historic inflation, say the 1940s and 1970s, assets like precious metals, resource shares and inflation protected bonds have helped investors maintain the value of their money. 

"We are pleased to bring these unique investment products to the Australian market. Particularly in light of rising inflation and the mounting pressure to fund retirement, we believe these products will cater to the unique needs of our clients,” Mr Brycki said.

Investors can access either portfolio from just $2,000.

Inflation Portfolio:

  • Australia’s first inflation protection portfolio
  • The assets within this portfolio have historically performed best when inflation remains high for an extended period of time
  • Diversified portfolio that invests in shares and commodities (gold and silver) resource companies and infrastructure (via ETFs)

Income Portfolio:

  • Australia’s first income-focussed portfolio that has gold (that we know of) 
  • Targeted at investors wanting higher income (that comes from distributions and franking credits)
  • Diversified portfolio that invests in shares, bonds, gold and property (via ETFs)



Key Facts:

- Both the Inflation Portfolio and the Income Portfolio are firsts in Australia

- The Inflation Portfolio contains assets that have historically performed best when inflation remains high for an extended period of time

- The Income Portfolio is targeted at investors wanting higher income (that comes from distributions and franking credits)

About us:

About Stockspot

Stockspot is Australia’s leading online investment adviser and fund manager. Since 2013, we have helped thousands of Australians create financial freedom. We are an independent thought leader on wealth creation, guiding our clients on a better way to invest for the long-term. Our philosophy is built on the values of simplicity, consistency and discipline.

Clients can start with as little as $2,000 and the service is free for investments under $10,000 for the first six months. We make investing easy and affordable. Our investment strategies have achieved a eight-year track record of consistent positive returns.

Contact details:

Joseph Younes

0416 619 500



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