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Eliahi Priest, Special Representative of Colonel X. 3 mins read
Colonel X in Joint Security Briefings for the Australian Army and Coalition Forces.nSeen here directly front right of Retired 4 Star General and NATO Commander Scott Miller.

For Immediate Release: 9th November 2023



Remember to Rember Colonel X Media Campaign, November 11, 2023.

The Australian Army was offered to comment and have made ‘no comment.’


CANBERRA: In a dire appeal to national conscience, the safety of Colonel X (name redacted for serious security reasons)—a former high-ranking officer and ally to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in Afghanistan—along with his family, is precariously imperilled.


Highly awarded and decorated by the Australian Army and, knowingly left behind enemy lines by the Australian Army and both sides of Government to face torture and execution if captured by the Taliban.


Recent findings from the United Nations and human rights organisations paint a harrowing picture of the persecution faced by Colonel X, not only as a former Chief of Joint Operations Command with the Australian Army but also as a member of the persecuted Sadat minority in Afghanistan. The following details underscore the severity of Colonel X's predicament:


1. Imminent Danger: Colonel X's high-profile military role and ethnic background place him and his family at a heightened risk of torture and execution by the Taliban—an imminent threat that has been substantiated by the Taliban's notorious record of brutal retribution against those with ties to coalition forces.


2. Past Loyalty and Service: Demonstrating unwavering allegiance, Colonel X’s strategic leadership in joint operations has been pivotal to the success of Australia’s military objectives in the region. His dedication to these efforts has now made him a prime target for Taliban vengeance.


3. Historical Inaction: Despite the clear and present danger, there has been a lack of decisive action from the Australian Government. The bureaucratic delay is not just a procedural oversight; it is a failure to act on Australia’s moral and legal responsibilities, endangering the lives of Colonel X and his family.


4. Legal and Moral Obligation: Colonel X's case represents a fundamental test of Australia's commitment to its international obligations under the Refugee Convention and the principles of humanity. The refusal to provide sanctuary contravenes both the spirit and the letter of Australian migration law, specifically the Migration Regulations 1994 (clause 200.222,), which mandates protection for those with substantial grounds for fearing persecution.


In light of this, immediate demands from advocacy groups and concerned citizens include:


- Expedited re-evaluation of Colonel X's humanitarian visa application.

- Assurance of immediate visa issuance to Colonel X and his family.

- Clear and urgent timelines established for the resettlement process.

- Assistance with travel documentation, ensuring safe passage from Afghanistan to Australia.


"This is not a situation that can be sidelined in bureaucratic red tape or political debate," says Eliahi Priest, Special Representative of Colonel X. "We are discussing the very real and immediate risk of torture and murder of an individual and his family who have bravely served alongside Australian forces. Their blood, should we fail to act, will be a stain on our national ethos."


As Minister Penny Wong has articulated, "Australia has a moral obligation to assist Afghan soldiers," and thus, the nation now watches for its leaders to uphold this sacred duty. The case of Colonel X will serve as a testament to our values, a reflection of our humanitarian stance, and a measure of our gratitude to those who have served our country at great personal cost.


For media enquiries, please contact:                                    Preview to Exclusive Interview:

Eliahi Priest                                                                           

Special Representative of Colonel X                                         password: Jewelofjewels_8

0429300265 – Signal                                                                    Public Release 11.11.23                                                     On:

Key Facts:
Before the Taliban resurgence, Colonel X, a distinguished Afghan Chief of Joint Operation Command for the Australian Army, found himself forsaken, left to confront the grim reality of torture and potential execution. This stark abandonment occurred despite a clear chance for the ADF to evacuate him and his family during the crisis. The full extent of his ordeal will be revealed in the forthcoming interview set for release on November 11. #AbandonedAlly #ColonelX #RemembertoRemember

About us:

Eliahi Priest, consistently presents facts that challenge the comfort of those in authority.

Contact details:

For media enquiries, please contact:

Eliahi Priest

Special Representative of Colonel X

0429300265 – Signal


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