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Christian Schools Applaud Government’s ‘Be That Teacher’ Campaign

Australian Association of Christian Schools/ Associated Christian Schools/ Christian Schools 2 mins read

21 November 2023 – For Immediate Release


Christian Schools Applaud Government's 'Be That Teacher' Campaign


Christian Schools welcome the successful launch of the Be That Teacher Campaign and congratulate Federal and State governments for the commencement of this project.

This initiative, aimed at emphasizing the significance of educators while encouraging more individuals to consider a career in teaching, has received wholehearted endorsement from the Australian Association of Christian Schools (AACS), Associated Christian Schools (ACS), and Christian Schools Australia (CSA).

We strongly support seeing more seeing more inspiring people become teachers, across all our schools and in the Catholic and Government schooling systems. If you are a Christian and inspiring kids drives you to share your faith, Christian schools are a brilliant avenue to live out that inspiration. The campaign resonates deeply with the mission of Christian schools, highlighting the impact of teachers on students' lives.

In Christian schools this impact extends to the impact of the faith of teachers and other staff. At we’ve collected over 1,200 stories of how the faith of staff has positively impacted students and families. Anna, a teacher in Tasmania highlighted how -

“75% of our families are not people of faith but they choose us because they want the influence and care provided by our Christian staff for their children.

They indicate that the staff here are genuinely loving, caring and inclusive and they want their children to learn from us.

They see our staff as role models for their children and even though they may not fully understand our faith and beliefs themselves. What they see in the character of the staff, people who follow Jesus Christ, they want for their children.”.



Comments attributed to Vanessa Cheng, Executive Officer, Australian Association of Christian Schools –


“As a mother of five children who have benefitted from Christian schooling, I’ve seen first-hand the love, care and commitment teachers and staff in a Christian education, an education that supports the values of our family."


Comments attributed to Alistair Macpherson, Executive Director, Public Policy and Advocacy

Associated Christian Schools –


“We’ve got to celebrate teachers on more than just World Teacher Day, but on every day during the year. Hopefully this initiative is able not only to encourage more people to become teachers but highlight the good work inspiring teachers do for community.”


Comments attributed to Mark Spencer, Director of Public Policy, Christian Schools Australia –


“The work of teachers is vital, and in Christian schools faith is an essential part of that – we cannot let lawyers and activists undermine that good work.”

Contact details:

For all media enquiries:

Vanessa Cheng, Australian Association of Christian Schools, 0416 244 372

Alistair Macpherson, Associated Christian Schools, 0401 365 776

Mark Spencer, Christian Schools Australia, 0419 419 224


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