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Interview Opp: How to make this Black Friday a bargain bonanza, including a special tip for gaining access to hidden VIP discounts

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Tate Zanner - Insil

With Black Friday around the corner shoppers are hoping to take advantage of  big savings in a year that has already been hard on their finances due to the rapid cost of living increases. Retailers are also hoping to cash in on big sales in a year that has been hard on their turnover. Digital marketing expert, Tate Zanner, founder of marketing agency, Insil, says to make the most of Black Friday, be ready. Don’t barge in without a plan or purpose and even has one special Facebook hack that helps you find the special VIP bargains.

Tate Zanner

“The Black Friday sales are becoming bigger every year because more people are shopping online and buying less in store,” Tate explained. “The advantage for retailers and consumers is that retailers have better margins on products bought online because there are fewer overheads so they're able to provide better discounts. For consumers, never before in history have people been able to buy products with so little friction. I bought a new iPhone online a few days ago. It arrived 2hrs later.”


“Australia has embraced the American idea of Black Friday sales with gusto. This year, Aussies are expected to spend $6.36bn over the four-day event, a 3% increase over last year,” he adds.


Everyone knows that Black Friday-Cyber Monday means there are bargains out there. A lot of bargains out there. How do you wade through all the offers and how do you make the event work for you and what is probably a budget with limits this year?


“This is your time to buy from smaller brands. Most direct to consumer brands run Black Friday Cyber Monday sales campaigns but sometimes the big retailers, like Kmart and Ikea, don’t. Beauty, fashion and kids products are poised to have massive sales. We're seeing huge interest in these categories,” he noted… 

Here are Tate's top five tips for making Black Friday a winner for you:


1. Get on the lists. If you’re not already, hunt down the retailer's website and join their SMS or email mailing list. These people always get the best offers or even early access.

2. Do your research. Know what you want. Be ready.

3. Don't leave it till the last minute. 

4. Be there on time. Too late and you’ll miss out. So many brands are running tight on stock this year.

5. Monitor the brand's socials, ads, and communications to find out what they're doing. Stop deleting promotional emails – read them and take note.

And finally tip #6, the one every Aussie needs to know for the very best bargains: 

6. Check out Facebook Ad Library to see what your favourite brands are doing. With Facebook Ad Library you can see all the ads live for current brands, including what their VIP customers are seeing. You can then grab those discounts and save with them.


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