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Mont Royal Resources (ASX:MRZ) – Further High Grade Lithium Samples from Eastmain Leran

Mont Royal Resources Limited (ASX:MRZ) 2 mins read

Mont Royal Resources Limited (ASX: MRZ), an Australian company incorporated for the purpose of pursuing various mining opportunities in the resources sector, is thrilled to announce remarkable advancements in its phase two lithium exploration program at the Eastmain Léran Projects, located in the Upper Eastmain Greenstone Belt of Quebec, Canada.

The recent exploration activities have yielded highly promising results, further cementing Mont Royal's position as a leader in lithium exploration:

  1. High-Grade Lithium Discoveries: The Eastmain Léran Wahemen Boulder field has delivered exceptional grab samples, with lithium oxide (Li2O) concentrations as high as 4.02% and 3.51% from spodumene-rich boulders.

  2. New Boulder Discovery: A significant find in the Eastmain Léran Central 8km target zone has revealed a sample containing 1.12% Li2O, marking a new avenue of potential within the project.

  3. Advanced Exploration Techniques: The phase two program incorporated cutting-edge methods, including a Gravimetry test survey, LiDAR, and detailed prospection, to expand the discovery areas within the Eastmain Léran project.

Mont Royal's exploration strategy now encompasses three distinct target areas within the Northern Lights tenements:

  • The Bohier LCT bearing pegmatite outcrops and a 500-meter exploration target.
  • The high-grade discoveries in the Eastmain Léran Wahemen Boulder field.
  • The new Eastmain Léran Central Boulder discovery and the 8km Tantalum zone.

Further Exploration Insights:

  • Wahemen Boulder Field: Following the ASX Announcement on 18 September 2023, additional sampling in the Wahemen boulder field has confirmed the high lithium grade in this area, with two samples showing 3.51% and 4.02% Li2O.

  • Central Boulder Discovery: Analysis of data from a 2017 till survey by IOS Services Géoscientifiques highlighted tantalum oxide dispersion trains. A spodumene-bearing boulder in this new Tantalum-rich zone yielded a grade of 1.12% Li2O, unveiling a new prospective area.

Upcoming Plans and Prospects:

Mont Royal is gearing up for an exciting 2024 mapping/prospecting season at the Eastmain Léran Central, with a 90km2 LIDAR survey already completed. The upcoming interpretation of this data, currently delayed due to seasonal conditions, is expected to provide valuable insights for future exploration.

Additionally, an extra gravimetric survey is planned for the winter near the Wahemen boulder field to identify potential drilling targets. This survey complements the advanced exploration targets at the Bohier project.

About us:

Mont Royal Resources Limited (ASX:MRZ) is an Australian company incorporated for the purpose of pursuing various mining opportunities in the resources sector, with the aim of building shareholder value by acquiring, exploring, evaluating and exploiting mineral resource project opportunities. 

Contact details:

Jane Morgan


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