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New calculator gives Australian drivers real information on EV v ICE emissions

Electric Vehicle Council 2 mins read
A new online calculator will launch today, giving Australian drivers a fair and accurate comparison of how much carbon they will prevent from entering the atmosphere as a result of selecting an EV over a petrol or hybrid vehicle. 

The Electric Vehicle Council’s new lifecycle emissions calculator compares the amount of emissions that EVs, petrol and hybrid cars produce from cradle to grave, based on factors including production, fuel lifecycle, and recycling. 

It displays the vehicles’ CO2 emissions per kilometre and total lifetime emissions using electricity from the grid which changes for each state and territory. 

Comparison of EVs and petrol vehicles: Total lifetime CO2 emissions using electricity from the NEM (Australian average)

Car 1

Car 2

% of fewer emissions produced by car 1

Light EV

Light Petrol


Small EV

Small Petrol


Medium EV

Medium Petrol


Large EV

Large Petrol


Upper Large EV

Upper Large Petrol


Small SUV EV

Small SUV Petrol


Medium SUV EV

Medium SUV Petrol


Large SUV EV

Large SUV Petrol


People Mover EV

People Mover EV Petrol


Small Van EV

Small Van Petrol


Large Van EV

Large Van Petrol


Ute EV

Ute Petrol


Comparison of EVs and hybrids: Total lifetime CO2 emissions using electricity from the NEM (Australian average) 

Car 1

Car 2

% of fewer emissions produced by car 1

Light EV

Light Hybrid


Small EV

Small Hybrid


Medium EV

Medium Hybrid


Upper Large EV

Upper Large Hybrid


Small SUV EV

Small SUV Hybrid


Medium SUV EV

Medium SUV Hybrid


Large SUV EV

Large SUV Hybrid


EVC chief executive Behyad Jafari said the tool would help dispel myths about the environmental impact of electric vehicles.

“Our calculator shows EVs are miles ahead of petrol vehicles in terms of climate impact. We have adopted a conservative approach in our calculations to assume all EVs are being made in locations with low renewable energy uptake, when in reality, many EV factories globally are starting to source 100 per cent renewable energy,” Mr Jafari said.

“Even with our conservative approach, the results show that, on average, EVs produce about half the emissions of comparable petrol cars over their lifetime, and close to a 40 per cent improvement on hybrid vehicles across segments where hybrid vehicles exist.

“Electric vehicles are inherently more eco-friendly because they have zero exhaust emissions. Even when charged using the existing electricity grid, EVs still produce lower net emissions than conventional petrol cars. As electricity grids become cleaner and battery recycling and repurposing keep improving, the environmental footprint of EVs will decrease even further.”

The lifecycle emissions calculator is one of a suite of resources that form the EVC’s new online consumer hub - a one-stop shop for Australian motorists who are considering the switch to electric vehicles.

The hub is a source of truth that includes a guide to charge EVs at home, a catalogue of EVs available in Australia, and clarifications to various myths and misconceptions.

You can visit the hub at: 


Media contact: Sofie Wainwright 0403 920 301

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