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On National Agriculture Day Queensland farmers are calling out mass buying, and calling for a 2024 Grown and Gathered Christmas

All the farmers of QLD 3 mins read

On National Agriculture Day Queensland farmers are calling out mass buying,

and calling for a 2024 Grown and Gathered Christmas (make your presents felt!)


Enough is enough – no more Temu, Shein and Ali Express.

Stop with the mass-produced throwaways for Christmas this year.

Instead, thousands of farmers across Queensland - the people who grow the food and flavours we all need - are calling on Queenslanders

to give presents that matter, and make it #agrownandgatheredxmas

Imagery here


On National Agriculture Day the farmers of Queensland have something to say – rather than buying from international online stores or shops that stock imports, this year give something grown or gathered by the farmers of Queensland.

This year, make your presents matter, whether they be a Secret Santas or a jaw-dropper that embarrasses Santa. Source your gifts from our farmers, producers and growers who create everything from the world’s best cheeses, relishes, chocolates, gin, beer, wines, vodkas, meat products, eggs, the brightest festive vegetables, flowers, floral teas, ice creams, honey, cotton and woollen fashions, wooden artisan products, stone fruit, citrus ranges, fingerlimes, bespoke flavour experiences and more.


Because it’s important.  


It’s best said by Kay Tommerup from the 6th generation Tommerup’s Dairy Farm, and Australian Farmer of the Year winner for Innovation: “Today is a day to celebrate the amazing farmers and producers who provide us all with the best quality produce in the world. But it’s not just today that we should be celebrating that. I heard a breakfast radio team discussing their Secret Santa plans recently, and they were encouraging everyone to buy something from an overseas online store. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Such a missed opportunity when it’s so easy to gift beautiful produce, grown with passion and pride – right here on our doorstep. And it doesn’t need to break the bank.”


“Whether you choose to duck down to the local shops that stock local produce, order from a farmer direct delivery service, or immerse yourself completely in the experience of gathering from your local farmers and producers, you’ll be gifting so much more than the pleasure of enjoying something local and delicious. You’re gifting something that comes with the heart and soul of a local farmer and producer. Something that tells the story of the farm, the family, the passion for producing the best that we can for your family and friends to enjoy. You’ll be giving something that truly embraces the spirit of a Christmas gift and supports your local community.”


Makes sense doesn’t it.


So, let’s embrace #agrownandgatheredxmas this year.


At a time when the cost of living is top-of-mind, and many outlets championing ‘cheap food’, #agrownandgatheredxmas aims to shine a light on the importance of supporting local food producers this Christmas. Through choosing meaningful gifts rather than buying online supporting overseas companies, consumers can feel good about their gift choices. The Queensland Farmers Federation represents over 13,000 primary producers across the state, that’s one huge shopping centre!  


Visit Tommerup’s #agrownandgatheredxmas page HERE for a list of places to source locally grown and gathered products for Christmas, or simply search “shop from Queensland farms” …. Or visit the Queensland Farmer’s Federation

Here’s JUST A SMALL list of just a few of the places you’ll find gorgeous local products:


  • Scenic Rim Brewery
  • Towri Sheep Cheeses
  • Barney Creek Vineyard Cottages
  • Scenic Rim Farm Box
  • 4 Real Milk
  • Lick Ice Cream
  • 9dorffarms
  • Metiisto Chocolate
  • Coco & Myrtle
  • Lazy Cow Farm
  • Ladybrook Farm
  • Budburst Australia
  • Valley Pride Produce
  • Oppy’s Fruit Market
  • Belvedere Cedarton
  • Echo Valley Farm
  • Forgotten Sound Farm
  • Oaky Creek Farm
  • Tamborine Mountain Distillery
  • Cauldron Distillery
  • Bee All Natural


Make your presents felt: #agrownandgatheredxmas

Contact details:

Kath Rose

0416 291 493


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