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Perth students to strike for climate and march on 2023 WA Energy Transition Conference

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On NOVEMBER 17, students across the nation are coming together in a resounding call for climate action. They will be walking out of their classrooms as part of a Global Day of Action, demanding that the Labor Government #ShiftThePower away from coal and gas and toward a sustainable, climate-friendly future. 

In Perth, students will meet at Florence Hummerstone Reserve next to Woodside Energy, and continue to march to the Perth Conventions Centre, where the 2023 WA Energy Transition Conference will be held. Several key politicians who hold the power to make important decisions on climate and new fossil fuel projects such as Madeleine King, Roger Cook and Chris Bowen will be in attendance, as well as representatives from the fossil fuel lobby, such as Woodside CEO, Meg O’Neill.

Students and the general public will gather peacefully outside to protest the WA government’s support of large fossil fuel projects, such as Woodside’s Burrup Hub that have no place in an energy transition, and to voice their support for a just energy transition with no new fossil fuel projects. 

Why We Are Striking 

As we nervously await a summer that promises more extreme heat and dangerous bushfires, the Labor Government continues to pour fuel on the fire by approving and subsidising massive new coal and gas mines. The urgency of the climate crisis cannot be overstated, and it demands immediate and bold action. 

The Albanese Government aspires to be recognized as global leaders, even hosting the 2026 global climate talks. However, it's troubling that this ambition is marred by their disregard for First Nations communities who oppose mining on their land and their undermining of the leadership of Pacific nations that call for an end to new coal and gas projects. 

17 year old Perth student, Tom Power said: 

“I will be striking because I don't want to inherit a world that is on the brink of ecological collapse. We are angry and disappointed at the failure of the Australian government time and time again ignoring warning signs just to make a quick dollar. We will be striking with outrage to force the government to listen to the majority calling for climate justice now!” 

Our Demands 

On Friday, November 17, students are raising their voices and issuing a clear set of demands to the Labor Government: 

  1. Net Zero by 2030: We insist on the commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2030, which necessitates an end to new coal, oil, or gas projects. 
  2. 100% Public Renewable Energy: We call for a transition to 100% public renewable energy generation and exports by 2030.
  3. Support a Just Transition: We demand the government to fund a just transition and job creation for fossil-fuel industry workers and communities, ensuring no one is left behind. 
  4. Respect First Nations Land Rights: We seek the government's commitment to resource First Nations-led solutions that guarantee land rights and care for the country. 

Key Messages 

Climate change is not a distant threat; it is here, and it's affecting us now. This year is one of the hottest on record, and the prospect of a summer characterised by dangerous heat waves and catastrophic bushfires is haunting. 

However, instead of taking urgent action, the Labor Government continues to approve new coal and gas projects, adding to the climate crisis. 

Our Pacific neighbours are calling on Australia to join them in building a Fossil Free Pacific, but the government's support for coal and gas industries undermines their leadership. 

While the government aspires to host the 2026 COP31 (UN Climate Talks) and be seen as global leaders, this aspiration risks being overshadowed by their alignment with coal and gas interests. 

That’s why on Friday November 17, students are uniting to STRIKE and demand that the Labor Government #ShiftThePower away from coal and gas and champion a sustainable and prosperous future for all Australians. 

Contact Information 

To arrange interviews or for more information, please contact:

Emma Heyink, 0435 163 830, 

Photos and videos from the action will be available, please contact the above details to access them. 

Social Media 

Follow us on social media: 

● Facebook: School Strike for Climate 

● Twitter: @strikeclimate 

● Instagram: @schoolstrike4climate or @schoolstrikeforclimate_wa 

Additional Resources 

For more information, please visit our website:



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