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Saveful launches: empowering Aussies to save money, save time & reduce food waste

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Saveful app

Australian households now have the power at their fingertips to save on their grocery bills and put more food on the table - thanks to the new and free app Saveful.


Launched today by Social enterprise Thankful and their Ambassador, chef and farmer Matt Moran– Saveful is an intuitive and practical platform empowering Australians to save money, save time and reduce food waste. 


Saveful launches as 80% of Australians say they are feeling the pinch of rising living costs and are looking for ways to save but are throwing away 1-in-5 bags of groceries they purchase. 


The app empowers households to put this food on the table by reversing the recipe rule book and enablesthem to make thousands of different dishes with what’s already on hand in the kitchen. 


Saving households between $2,000-$3,000 each year, Saveful users simply ‘swipe right’ on tailor-made recipes to make the most of what is on hand based on their specific budget, taste, cooking skills and dietary requirements. 


Saveful delivers a personalised-user experience and flexible meal frameworks to users for free based on an individual household’s needs, as well as the ability to build sustainable home cooking habits simply and conveniently. 


Whether it’s using those items quickly approaching their used by dates, giving last night’s leftovers a makeover or simply serving up a delicious dish when the kids ask ‘what’s for dinner tonight?’ - Saveful enables Australians to serve up a meal with what they already have, puts to good use those often-forgotten items in the cupboard or fridge and prevents endless trips to the supermarket. 


Busy families will also be able to get the most out of their food with access to chef hacks, tips and tricks  – guiding them along the food journey from planning meals, shopping for food, storing items to preparing meals and usage.  Users are also motivated and have visibility of the impact of their actions by tracking food and money saved.  


Saveful is accessible for every Australian on Apple and Android devices thanks to the support of a range of producers, retailers and Governments including: Bega Group, Birds Eye, Goodman Fielder, Nestle, Qantas, Rabobank and the Queensland Government.


Quotes attributable to Saveful CEO, Kim McDonnell:

“We are thrilled to be launching Saveful and offering it to Australian households for free.”


“As many are feeling the pinch of rising living costs and looking for practical ways to reduce food waste - Saveful will deliver households with the practical tools and convenient solutions they crave. 

“From giving those brown avocados sitting on the bench a second life or giving last night’s leftovers a maker, Saveful will not only divert eatable food away from the waste bin - it will also make the tastebuds and wallets of households sing.”


“Collective action is so critical to achieving our country’s goal of halving food waste by 2030. We are delighted to have the support and backing from a powerful group of brands, producers, retailers, and governments to deliver this positive tool to all Australians. Meaningful support that will enable simple and impactful actions at home that will have a tangible impact on our wallets and our planet.” 


Quotes attributable to Saveful Ambassador, celebrity chef and farmer Matt Moran:

“I am delighted to be launching Saveful with the Thankful team. Eating fresh, seasonal produce is better for us and our planet. A highly intuitive and motivating app, Saveful will reward and help households understand what is in season and ultimately make reducing waste easy, empowering, and fun for the whole family.”


“It’s all about unleashing our food’s full potential, empowering Aussies to do more with less conveniently and helping households reduce food waste by taking something off the plate of busy families – not adding to it.” 


Quotes attributable to Federal Minister for the Environment and Water Tanya Plibersek:

“Australians throw away a staggering 7.6 million tonnes of food each year. A third of this comes from households costing them around $50 a week. Reducing this waste is great for the environment, and great for household budgets. 


“There’s nothing tastier than a classic bubble and squeak, or fried rice made with left over roast pork. Unless it’s a cold lamb sandwich with chutney, or a frittata made with roast vegies. Delicious. We know Australians want to do their part to reduce waste. It takes governments, industry and communities working together.  We’re committed to halving food waste by 2030, and projects like this will arm people with the information they need to make a difference.”


The Saveful app enables users to:

  • Make tens of thousands of dishes with what’s on hand with flexible meal frameworks - empowering you to cook delicious ‘chef created and home tested’ dishes with ingredients you already have in your kitchen
  • Unlock hundreds of chef hacks, tips and tricks tailored to suit your household's unique needs            and tastes
  • Get the most out of their food – from planning meals, shopping for food, storing items to preparing meals and usage. 
  • Track your impact and see your savings grow, while understanding how your actions impact your wallet and our planet with a personalised dashboard. 


From early next year, completing challenges in the Saveful app will count towards Qantas Frequent Flyer’s membership status, which rewards members for making sustainable choices.  Thankful worked with venture-studio Shadowboxer to develop Saveful. 



  • Visit to download and for further information 
  • Kim McDonnell and Matt Moran are available for interviews
  • Consumer case studies available upon request
  • Content for segments/stories are available and can be provided including: ‘Leftover makeover hacks’, ‘Eating beyond your food’s best before’, ‘Tricks to save $50 a week on your food bill’, ‘Unleash your food’s potential this Christmas’, ‘Put more food on the table for less’, ‘Save with seasonal food & dishes’ and ‘Best maximum flavour, minimal waste meals’. 


About us:

About Saveful:

Saveful is part of social enterprise, Thankful’s mission to reduce waste and help save the planet with tangible solutions. Thankful brings together philanthropy and business to drive positive, sustainable, and scalable impact.  Kim McDonnell is the CEO and co-founder of Thankful, Thankful4Farmers and Saveful. Through her dedication to unifying influencers, thought leaders, brands, and organisations, Kim McDonnell has made a significant impact not only in Australia but across the globe.  Her collaborations with the UN Foundation to Eliminate Violence Against Women and the UN World Food Program to reduce food waste have furthered her mission of creating positive change. With more than 25 years of experience advertising, digital, and data-driven marketing industry, Kim has worked with international agencies such as Leo Burnett and Publicis Worldwide. Kim has also served as a member of the Professional Business Council Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center and an Honorary Adviser to the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development NY.

Contact details:

Kate McQuestin on 0411 839 174


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