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The Future of Work: Businesses To Increase Climate Resilience Roles

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Dr Juliet Bourke, host of the Business Of Podcast discusses Climate Resilience with Penny Joseph, Head of Climate Resilience at Ausgrid. Photo: UNSW Supplied

The Head of Climate Resilience at major electricity distributor Ausgrid, Penny Joseph, predicts that all jobs of the future will have an element of climate mitigation across the STEM disciplines and beyond as the need to halt the impacts of climate change becomes an integral part of any business case.  

Speaking exclusively to The Business Of, a podcast from UNSW Business School, Ms Joseph gave insights into how the energy sector is adapting to climate change, offered lessons for workplace leaders on unifying diverse teams and explained what future skills will be required for organisations to address the impact of climate change across their operations. 

While her job title did not exist a few years ago, Ms Joseph believes it will one day be standard practice. 

“I expect that everybody will have climate resilience and climate mitigation as part of their roles. Everyone will be playing a part if they’re not already,” she told the podcast. 

“Resilience means we’ve thought through the risks of the future and have strategies in place to be prepared for that. But resilience is also being prepared for things you might not know about or might not expect to happen.”  

Ms Joseph is an engineer with an MBA who previously worked in transformational roles in the aerospace and solar industries. She sees her diverse background as a strength that enables her to work through problems holistically. 

“When I first started working in the climate science space, I thought that I needed to have a PhD in science to be able to do my type of role,” she said. 

“Coming forward a few years, I have more respect than ever for the scientists, but I also understand that there is value in understanding the business problem - [such as] how to manage a network of infrastructure,” she says, adding that her unique perspective is a strength in the role. 

Ms Joseph’s comments were made on the new series of The Business Of, a podcast from AGSM @ UNSW Business School exploring the role businesses and industry leaders play in the fight against climate change. 

She told host Dr Juliet Bourke, a UNSW Professor of Practice in the School of Management and Governance, that her work includes talking to people in vulnerable communities, climate experts, and those within the energy industry. Not everyone shares her views – and that’s by design. 

“I have people that influence my thinking that might even be climate change deniers. Because you understand, why are you thinking that way? What makes you think that way? And it helps you understand the problems from all different kinds of perspectives,” she said. 

Finding solutions to climate change is a complex task. Ms Joseph stressed that like any goal, it can be achieved by breaking it down into smaller, achievable parts. 

“Sometimes you’re not necessarily trying to solve the problem completely, but just to move it forward," she said. 

She said gathering and understanding evidence, such as heat data, can help you articulate your potential impact, and “create a much better economic case for being able to move the dial”. 

“It is hard, because often you need to make decisions in a timeframe where you haven’t received all the data. I think the best leaders are making good decisions with incomplete information,” she told The Business Of’s Juliet Bourke. “I don’t know whether failing is the enemy here, or whether it’s doing nothing. If you do nothing, that’s also a problem. And that’s not going to be good enough for the future.” 

The Business Of host Dr Juliet Bourke – a leading academic at UNSW Business School - added: “It’s clear from Penny’s experience that climate change mitigation is a key skill for leaders of tomorrow – and not yet something you can learn in an MBA. Hearing about the skill mix she’s acquired and her capacity to bring together varied expertise is a fascinating insight into the future of work.” 

The UNSW Business School was named the AFR BOSS Best Business School for the second consecutive year in 2023. AGSM at UNSW also offers the best MBA in Australia, and their MBAX (Online) is ranked fourth in the world.  


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