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Time for a ‘Treecharge’? Aussie professionals are struggling to switch-off from work: LinkedIn and Unyoked

LinkedIn and Unyoked 4 mins read

Sydney, 22 November 2023: New research reveals the challenge many Australians encounter when it comes to finding innovative ways to reset and recharge beyond traditional methods, ultimately impacting their ability to be fully engaged at work. The study, conducted as part of a collaboration between LinkedIn, the world’s leading professional network, and Unyoked, the pioneering nature startup, highlights the pressure Australians feel caused by the increased connectedness to work, emphasising the critical need to ‘switch off’ to be truly ‘switched on’ at work. 


Driven by a shared passion for addressing the challenges of today's working world, LinkedIn and Unyoked have come together to explore the power of nature and its ability to spark creativity. The insights gained from this collaborative research highlight nature's transformative role in revitalising individuals and fostering a more balanced and inspired approach to work. The collaboration will see LinkedIn and Unyoked launch "The Nature of Work" guide, a series of advice & tangible tips for disconnecting in nature.


Aussie Professionals are struggling to maintain work-life balance 

Instead of being labelled as merely "workaholics," it's increasingly accurate to describe many Australian workers as "emailaholics". A substantial 44% habitually check emails, adversely affecting 39%. Additionally, 45% frequently contemplate work outside of standard hours, intruding into personal mental space. Notably, more than half of aussie professionals (56%) often find it challenging to detach from work-related digital devices after hours.


Tree-charging: the antidote to stress at work  

Move over ‘tree-change’, there’s a new term in town. Tree-charge: essentially, the ability to harness nature’s powers to de-stress and recharge batteries. The study showed that stressed out Aussie professionals found many positive benefits of returning to nature, with 80% admitting heightened creativity and productivity as a result. The same number (80%) report feeling positive about returning to work after nature-related experiences, emphasising the benefits of heightened energy levels (48%) and improved focus (46%). 


Time spent in nature is also associated with reduced workplace conflicts (40%), improved empathy (37%), enhanced communication (36%), and more effective teamwork among colleagues and team members (32%).


Cayla Dengate, LinkedIn's Career Expert, said: “Connecting with nature is a powerful way to recalibrate and get ahead of issues such as burnout. Aussies love spending time outdoors and it's not just a great way to unwind but can also help advance professionals’ careers by providing the mental clarity and space needed to be creative and more productive during work hours.”


Cam Grant, Unyoked co-Founder said: "The little devices in our pockets and shift to always-on working have put many of us in situations where every moment is one in which we make our living. The problem with this is, that's not how we're wired. We perform better, think better, feel better, when we slow down, switch off from time to time, and do it out in the natural world, not sitting waiting for the next notification."


With this partnership we want to give as many professionals tangible examples and roadmaps on how they can incorporate nature into their work in order to perform in addition to improve their wellbeing, not at the expense of it."


“The Nature of Work” Guide: Tips for Aussie professionals 

In an effort to help Australian professionals reimagine their 9-to-5, LinkedIn and Unyoked have co-created "The Nature of Work" guide. Developed in collaboration with business leaders, creatives, athletes and wellbeing experts, the guide offers bite-sized practices and tips to empower professionals to leverage the benefits of reconnecting with nature for productivity, creativity, problem solving and career growth.


By incorporating some of these practical tips into your professional routine, aussie professionals can harness the power of nature to enhance your well-being and foster creativity, contributing to a more balanced and fulfilling work life:


  1. Prioritise Unwinding Sessions:

Advice from Cayla Dengate, LinkedIn Career Expert

Unwinding from work is not just beneficial for well-being but also for your career. Schedule a dedicated time to switch off completely. Let your team and loved ones know in advance, turn off your phone, and immerse yourself in activities that rejuvenate your mind. Treat the urge to check your phone like a craving and push through by engaging in activities like nature bathing or repeating a mantra.


  1. Structured Day for Creativity:

Advice from Tom Alder, Strategy Manager at Atlassian

As a creative professional, structure your day with intentional breaks in nature. Begin your morning by stepping outside to clear your mind. Set intentions during a short walk in a natural setting, away from digital distractions. Create a workspace with natural elements for deep work. Introduce intermittent walks in green spaces for reflection, letting the natural environment stimulate new perspectives.


  1. Nature as a Recovery Tool:

Advice from Lizzie Hedding, Elite Athlete & Founder of Brand Design Studio Thyme

In sport, the ability to rest is as important as training hard. Nature serves as a recovery tool for the mind, helping to disconnect from daily setbacks and restore resilience. Whether it's a walk around a local park or days off the grid, being present in the natural world grounds and replenishes.


  1. ‘Forest Bathing’ for Creative Thinking:

Advice from James Hurman, Founder Previously Unavailable

Embrace the concept of "forest bathing" or spending time in nature for creative thinking. Science shows that nature has a calming effect, allowing you to think more clearly. Mix the energy of the city (yang) with the calm of nature (yin) for transcendent thinking. Take short, regular walking breaks in natural settings to stimulate new perspectives.

Key Facts:

Over half (56%) of Aussie professionals are finding it challenging to disconnect from work-related digital devices out of hours


8 in 10 Aussie professionals said they are more creative and productive
as a result spending time in nature

LinkedIn and Unyoked have teamed up to co-create "The Nature of Work" guide to help people build in time to switch off and access the restorative benefits of nature.

About us:

*2023 LinkedIn State of the Future of Work Report

**Research conducted by LinkedIn and Unyoked with Decibel Research and based on 1000 workers in Australia aged 18+ between 19.09.23 and 26.09.23. 

About LinkedIn

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About Unyoked


Founded in 2017 by twin brothers Cam and Chris Grant, Unyoked pioneers a nature-as-a-service model, operating approximately 100 off-grid cabins in stunning locations across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Immerse yourself in secluded retreats meticulously designed to promote well-being and foster creativity. Our commitment to sustainability ensures these cabins leave minimal environmental impact, offering a guilt-free escape into nature. Unyoked is not just about accommodation; it's a gateway to unparalleled experiences, where the transformative power of nature meets cutting-edge hospitality. Recharge, rejuvenate, and redefine your work-life balance with Unyoked. Explore more at

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