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Wiz Announces New CNAPP Capabilities for Secure Cloud Development

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Cloud security provider launches shift-left features and an extension that delivers insight directly from cloud platform interface

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 27, 2023 / Today, Wiz is announcing new developer-focused capabilities for its Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP). With this news Wiz, which works with 40% of the Fortune 100 and is ranked #1 by customers, deepens support for developers and empowers them to apply industry-trusted security practices across the SDLC.

More than 50% of Wiz users today are outside of the security function. This statistic underscores the integral role Wiz already plays in the lives of its developer customers. Now Wiz is strengthening that relationship with purpose-built secure cloud development capabilities that include code scanning, image integrity, cloud to code remediation, and in-cloud SBOM. Furthermore, the company's new Wiz extension drives further value for developers by enabling them to understand risk efficiently and simply - right from their AWS Console. This extension makes Wiz the first CNAPP to integrate security insights seamlessly into a user's natural workflow.

"The successful operationalization of a secure cloud development process is the key to scale your cloud security program," said Yinon Costica, VP Product & Cofounder, Wiz. "Capabilities like code scanning and in-code remediation deliver on the true promise of cloud-native security and development, because they make fixing risks faster and prevent costly production issues at the source. In this spirit, Wiz is demonstrating our continued commitment to enabling customers to fully embrace the concept of DevSecOps with a simple, intuitive platform."

Wiz customers testify to the power of this culture shift and underscore the value of extending security practices to developers.

"With Priceline's large cloud footprint, we want to address systemic issues, ensure our code is secure at build time, and protect our software supply chain," said Andrew McKenna, Cloud Security Architect at Priceline. "Wiz enabled us to maintain security while shifting left; we have the necessary guardrails in place that give developers autonomy to deploy securely, saving time for both security and dev teams. This has made security into a business enabler, and it's helped us maintain a frictionless relationship with our teammates in development."

"As Plaid developers continuously innovate in the cloud, Wiz helps us democratize security across the company," said Peter David, Head of Security Operations at Plaid. "Wiz uniquely understands the needs of our engineering and security teams and built a product that has enabled us to successfully shift left. In just two weeks, I went from zero automation to successfully automating a bi-directional data synchronization. DevSecOps isn't just a buzzword; it's a real promise that Wiz delivers on."

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