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World debut for clean, green dual 12V/120V Duoetto Gen 3 RV and marine water heater tapping into electric adventuring

Aus J Ho Water Solutions 3 mins read
12V/120V Duoetto Gen 3 is suitable for extensive RV and marine uses

An Australian RV manufacturing innovator and worldwide water heater exporter is launching his latest 12V/120V Gen 3 Duoetto for those who like their adventuring to be clean, green, and safe.


Jay King of Aus J Hot Water Solutions has engineered the 2.65 US gallon Duoetto Gen 3 for the North American and broader 12V DC/120V AC RV, caravan, camping, and marine, yacht, and powered boat markets. Gen 3 is approved to UL 174, with Intertek ETL product testing and certification. 


The 12V/120V water heater – which its designer believes to be a world first – is also used where work vehicles, trucks and 4WDs operate in remote places in which crews want to maintain optimum comfort and personal and workplace cleanliness in isolated locations. It retails for $US490 delivered, distributor price inquiries welcome.


Product designer and company managing director, Jay King – who has already proven his ideas by selling tens of thousands of his earlier 12V/240V and other portable water heaters globally – says the new Duoetto Gen 3 12V/120V 60Hz answers calls by his American customers in particular for a 120V version of the original proven 12V/240V Duoetto design.


Many such customers – including leading RV manufacturers and fitout specialists – already use the original product solely for its outstanding 12V functionality, which facilitates showering, cooking, cleaning, and pet care far off the beaten track or on the water.


The latest Duoettos cut out the expense, fossil fuel odor, environmental, and potential fire and safety hazards of fossil fuel alternative water heating systems.


“This all-electric 12V/120V capability means also that OEM and DIY RV and boat constructors need only one power source in their vehicles or on power or sail vessels, using existing battery storage rather than having the expense of an entirely separate fossil fuel feed,” says Jay King.


“We know that the clean functionality of electricity is appreciated, both by long-time recreational travelers concerned about their environmental footprint, and particularly by the new post-Covid generation of young family RV enthusiasts and single woman adventurers who took up adventure travel during international lockdowns and now form a new generation of RV and marine adventurers.


“Many of this new generation – and long-time adventure travel enthusiasts too – also like to take their pets with them on their travels. But they also need hot water to keep them clean, because they don’t want to share close quarters with a naughty smelly dog that has just rolled in the mud – or worse!”


“RV dealers in North America tell us there is a whole new and permanent generation of recreational adventurers that has grown up during the Covid years who are greatly attuned to the worldwide global move gaining momentum from fossil fuel to electric cars, trucks, 4WDs and less environmentally impactful travel.”


“After all, why would travelers pollute the pristine environment they are travelling hundreds of miles to enjoy?” says Jay King, whose company also manufacturers ranges of shower points and accessories to extend the comfort and water economy of his own and other-brand water heating products.


Duoetto Gen 3 Features


  • Variable thermostat 86-140 F (30-60°C) on 120V
  • Variable thermostat 86-140 F (30-60°C) on 12V
  • Digital control of AC/DC on-off functions and full temperature range selection
  • External reset button – reset red light indicates when reset is required
  • Durable outer case with service and inspection points
  • SPCC steel & enamel tank
  • Single weld line
  • Polyurethane insulation
  • Automatic voltage detection switching from 12V to 120V and vice versa
  • Over-temperature and run-dry protection
  • Combination Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve (PTR)
  • Incoloy 840 heating element
  • Wall mount or floor mount


About us:

Founded in 2004, Aus J Hot Water Solution is an Australian family owned business and an international player in rapid hot water heaters. Aus J offer a range of innovative gas and electric water heaters for domestic, commercial and recreational applications.

Their world-class hot water systems are sold worldwide and they are recognised across the globe for their commitment to providing high quality and durable solutions.

Aus J Hot Water Solutions distribute a wide range of residential, commercial and recreational water heater solutions, including the renowned 10L Duoetto MK2, the first 12v/240v capable water heater in the RV, marine, caravan and camping market, as well as the 240v 10-litre Aqueous water heater designed to provide homes with near-instant hot water and reduce wastage by having the heater located under the sink.

Our products are designed in Australia and built tough with quality materials to last in the great outdoors or around the home.

Contact details:

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PR Consultant
Whyte Public Relations
(02) 9901 4306


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